Custom Software Development for Advertising Industry

As a popular industry today, the advertising arena calls for a lot of involvement in terms of understanding customer needs, being logical and innovative, leveraging the potential of IT to the optimum.  We @ SPEC INDIA understand the requirements of the industry and offer the best of IT Solutions for Advertising Agencies to assist enterprises grow their business multi-fold in terms of enhanced productivity and profitability. Our skilled team of professionals are well versed with the nuances of the advertising industry and build solutions that modernize continuous association between involved departments in the organization and competences in business procedures.

Catering to the continually indecisive requirements, our robust Software for Advertising Industry ensures it is built on the fundamental block of customer requirements, innovation, planning and modernity of the industry. Our solutions help online stakeholders and advertising companies attain their business objective, build new clients and manage their advertising campaigns with ease and efficiency, helping them judge the effectiveness of the campaigns. Having proven expertise in latest technologies like BI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud computing, mobile technologies, our advertising industry IT solutions showcase a seamless association between technologies as needed.

Custom Software for Advertisement Management

A set of business software systems that powers brands, marketing agencies at each stage of marketing cycle. With a focus on resource planning, management & operational control between different departments, there are diverse software modules to focus on separate working areas and integrated with each other through intermediate modules.

  • Integration of financial, customer, manufacturing, inventory, HR Information
  • Inter department coordination
  • Streamlined omnichannel marketing
  • Customer coordination
  • Insightful & analytical reports

Beacon based Advertisement System

Beacon based advertising solution has been one of the most comprehensive solutions with proximity marketing working in an integrated manner with beacon support. It offers precision and quality that is supreme and offers a lot to the ad world.

  • Sending ads to mobile phones
  • Pointing key locations
  • Beacon based advertisement guide
  • Nearby notifications
  • Valuable insights about audiences
  • Leverage enriched information
  • Cross channel shopping experience

Enterprise Mobility Solution for Advertisement

Mobility enabled advertisement IT solutions for the enterprise are means to assist organizations to advertise on mobile devices, buy, manage mobile ads, including banners and video ads. It is managed by an enterprise to increase brand awareness and customer reach.

  • Mobile tracking of operations
  • Auto generated notifications/SMS
  • Tracking and notification services
  • Enterprise level mobile strategy to work with multiple platforms
  • Sustainable advertising campaigns with mobility solutions

Advertisement Analytics Solutions

An in-depth and insightful data analytics platform through which the client can make detailed inference on the effects of advertising. It will optimize advertising channels & strategies to its best.

  • Campaign analytics and reporting
  • Integrated & advanced data analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Inventory optimization
  • Dashboards / reports for analysis

Advertisement Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for advertisement offers clients an instant reach to ads of various genre resulting in quick action on their part. As a part of cross channel advertising, it includes social media, endorsements, audio and video channeling.

  • Multi-platform operations
  • Efficient campaign management
  • Online marketing and market research
  • eCommerce advertising platform