Pentaho Business Intelligence

Pentaho is a leading business intelligence platform that offers data integration, analytics, and mining capabilities. It is now a part of Hitachi Vantara and used by enterprises and startups alike to make more informed decisions. SPEC INDIA’s Pentaho consulting and Pentaho analytics solutions enable organizations to put data to work for better and timely decision-making.

Our Pentaho Expertise Includes:
  • Pentaho Consulting
  • Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)
  • ETL Development
  • Pentaho Data Mining
  • Pentaho Reporting
  • Pentaho OLAP(Mondrian OLAP Server)
  • Custom Pentaho BI Solutions
  • Pentaho Dashboards

Pentaho is one of the leading open-source Business Intelligence tools and offers a full spectrum of data integration, mining, dashboarding, customized ETL, and reporting capabilities. This modern and powerful business intelligence software allows you to integrate data from multiple resources, perform real-time analysis, and help present results in an appealing way, strengthening and sharpening the decision-making process across the organization.

Our expert team of Pentaho developers and Pentaho designers make most of the Pentaho suite to access, integrate, correlate, visualize, and present the data that can improve and impact decisions.

Our years of experience combined with expertise in business intelligence help businesses meet their unique BI and data analytics needs to stand out from the crowd with data-backed strategies.

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    Pentaho Business Intelligence And Data Integration Services

    Pentaho is an open-source BI platform to manage all your data needs with greater efficiency and agility. Pentaho Data Integration, known as Kettle, is a part of an open-source BI suite that lets you manage data sources, streamline data pipelines, and data warehousing capabilities.

    Our Pentaho BI experts are well-versed with Pentaho Open-Source Edition, Pentaho Community Edition, And Pentaho Enterprise Edition to optimize existing data strategies or create new ones.

    • Pentaho Data Integration:

    PDI, known as Kettle, is the component of the Pentaho suite and offers ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) capabilities. Our Pentaho BI experts possess hands-on expertise in ETL processes to collect, clean, and store data using an easy, accessible, and uniform format. PDI is used for data migration, data cleansing, real-time ETL, and data warehousing. Our Pentaho experts create customized data pipeline and data manipulations by using Kettle’s advanced features and capabilities. Ease of use, no-code graphical interfaces, speed, performance, easy collaborations, and modern tools – these few things make PDI well-known and widely-used.

    • Pentaho Reporting:

    With the powerful Report Designer tool, our team of Pentaho developers generates custom visualizations as per the needs to offer real-time data analytics and predictive analytics.

    • Pentaho Dashboards:

    We present data in easy-to-understand, customized, and interactive dashboards, making it super-easy for organizations to make strategic decisions by accessing important data easily.

    • Pentaho Analytics Platform:

    We help you make the most of the Pentaho Business Analytics Platform to combine and analyze all types of data, giving more power to users and business teams.

    • Pentaho Consulting:

    Our Pentaho BI consultants understand your business needs very closely and help you set up Pentaho-based business intelligence solutions covering every aspect.

    • Pentaho Data Mining And Warehousing:

    Our Pentaho BI developers and designers deploy smart algorithms and processes to simplify data collection and utilize various techniques to categorize bulk data.

    We have developed a self-service Pentaho BI plugin for Pentaho Community Edition users, enabling them to independently create widgets/dashboards with its enhanced features and visually appealing reporting formats.

    Pentaho BI Tool Expertise

    • Pentaho Kettle
    • Saiku
    • Self Service BI
    • Pentaho Mondrian
    • HighCharts

    Access, Analyze, and Accelerate The Data Pipeline Using Pentaho BI Platform

    Our customized Pentaho BI services help address your data requirements by using cutting-edge tools for data collection, analysis, and representation



    • Identify the Need for BI
    • Data Analysis
    • BI Plan & Strategy
    • Data Warehouse
    • Select Suitable Tool
    • Data >> Insights


    • Creative Visualization
    • Dashboard Design
    • Charting Library
    • User specific designs
    • Report Design
    • DB Schema Design


    • ETL / ELT
    • SSIS / SSRS / SSAS
    • Mobile BI
    • Analytical Reports
    • Open Source BI Development
    • Pentaho BI
    QA & Support

    QA & Support

    • ETL QA / Verification
    • Data Uniformity Test
    • Data Load Testing
    • BI Reports Testing
    • Load & Performance Testing
    • 24X7 SLA Support

    Pentaho Capabilities From SPEC INDIA

    Pentaho is an end-to-end business intelligence platform offering data integration, data mining, and analytics capabilities. We, at SPEC INDIA, leverage this powerful tool to plan, design, and develop a customized data pipeline to meet all the big data needs using a single platform. With a number of features and ease-of-use, our team identify the needs and work with you to provide practical solutions in this data-driven environment

    Pentaho Advantages:
    • Faster and flexible processes to manage data
    • Capable to integrate all data types
    • Require fewer coding and easy learning curve
    • Real-time data ingestion from IoT devices
    • Ability to deploy solutions on cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments
    • Ready-to-use and reusable templates available for reports

    Why SPEC INDIA AS Pentaho Business Intelligence and Pentaho Data Integration Company?

    Actionable Insights

    Leverage the power of BI to convert raw data into meaningful and actionable insights by taking full advantage of the Pentaho Platform.

    Business Intelligence Expertise

    We work with a range of business intelligence solutions across all domains, empowering businesses to meet their data-related requirements.

    Pentaho Consultants

    Our Pentaho Consultants and developers help you design data-driven strategies to make better and faster decisions.

    Pentaho Integration

    In the world of big data, become a data-driven company by exploring Pentaho capabilities to gain a competitive edge with more accurate and informed decisions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Pentaho is an end-to-end business intelligence platform that offers data integration. OLAP services, data mining, ETL processes, and analytics capabilities.

    Pentaho ETL Tool, also known as Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) offers powerful Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) capabilities. It is a leading open-source ETL application, popularly known as Kettle.

    Yes, Pentaho is a product of Hitachi Vantara and it is an open-source platform for data integration and analytics capabilities.

    Pentaho Kettle is an open-source data integration tool that provides ETL processes. Kettle stands for Kettle Extraction Transformation Transport Load Environment.

    Pentaho is open-source and it also provides different editions: a community edition and an enterprise edition. It is now a part of Hitachi Vantara.

    Pentaho Spoon is a desktop application (PDI client) that can be installed on your computer and used to run, edit, and debug transformations and jobs.

    Hire Pentaho Developer

    Our Expert Pentaho BI Developers and Designers are well-versed with latest technologies and entire Pentaho suite to provide you with best results in data integration, data analytics, and reporting.