Parameters Pentaho Talend
Nature of Tool The commercial open-source data integration tool. The open-source data integration tool.
Data Quality Partnership with leading data quality solution organizations and has its firewall to ensure the security of data. Talend cloud services offer various tools like pattern manager, and data profiler to ensure data quality.
Data Integration Possesses excellent data integration capabilities, including migration from the database to the application. Enhances data integration efficacy with easy graphical development.
Files Storage Stores file in XML format. Users can store files in personal systems or in centralized databases. Talend operates at the file system level. Users can store files in the personal system.
Connectivity Wide range of connectivity to vast databases. Limited connectivity to concurrent databases.
Extent of Support Targets USA, UK, Asia Pacific regions. Targets more in the USA regions.
Speed Pentaho is almost twice as fast compared to Talend. Talend is slower as compared to Pentaho.
GUI Pentaho Kettle GUI is quite modernized and easy to understand. Talend GUI is a little tough to grasp.
Approach Meta-driven multi-threaded approach. Single threading code-generating approach
Deployment Needs an independent Java engine to execute on a separate machine. The Java and Perl files can be executed independently on any machine.
Documentation Supports online documentation. The documentation is in PDF format.
Support for Platforms Supports web-based platforms. Supports web-based platforms and iPhone apps.
Client Segment Mostly consists of small, medium, and large businesses. Mostly consists of small and medium businesses.