Corporate & Social Responsibilities

The society is what we are. For SPEC INDIA, the corporate responsibilities lie towards its customers, resources, stakeholders & business partners and the social responsibilities towards the environment and the community. The harmony and the well-being of these make us complete; defining our Corporate Social Responsibility striking a balance between all our diverse duties.

With our belief of integrating self-regulation in our business model itself, our CSR policy is implemented as a disciplinary mechanism to ensure its compliance actively. We abide by ethical standards to extend our resources for the betterment of society from where we earn fame, gain success and prosper.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Associates

  • Customers
  • Stakeholders
  • Business Partners

Business Practices

  • Fair & Transparent
  • Committed
  • Creditable
Responsibilities Towards Employees

Equal Opportunities

  • Customers
  • Stakeholders
  • Business Partners
  • Special Abilities

Work Culture

  • Fair & Transparent
  • Committed
  • Creditable
Social Responsibility


  • Giving back to the Society


  • Fair & Transparent
  • Committed
  • Creditable

The SPEC INDIA Go Green Initiative

  • SPEC INDIA’s ‘Grow Trees’ Event

  • Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

    • Maximizing the use of natural light
    • Energy-efficient lighting & air conditioning
    • Optimal usage of water
    • Dry waste management initiatives

Giving Back to the Society

Investing in communities and organizations that help the less fortunate extending beyond random disbursement of charity, towards a planned program to help the underprivileged in the areas of medicine and education amongst others.

Makarba Community
Miyawaki High Density Urban Polyculture Micro Forest Garden

As a CSR activity for a better living, SPEC India under took an environmental project in line with its philosophy of “Grow Trees” in its 36 years of operations. We defined what we wanted to accomplish and hence decided to use the Miyawaki Technique. We identified the plots in Makarba, Ahmedabad where we wanted to do this environmental project. We concluded to do a Miyawaki High Density Urban Polyculture Micro Forest Garden. We started the project in June 2023 and concluded in July 2023. The brief gives a synopsis of the project undertaken & the picturised link would depict the details.

  • Number of plots
  • Approximate area in acres
  • Number of species
  • Stake’d trees & plants

Philanthropic Activities & Associations

  • Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh in aid of Visual Impaired Girl Child
  • Sense International in aid of Deaf and Blind Children
  • 27 Member Old Age Home adopted at Prantij, Gujarat
  • Financial support to victims of floods, famine, tsunami, and earthquakes
  • Blood Donation Camp organized in association with Ahmedabad Red Cross Society
  • Adopted 45 less fortunate women & girl child for providing daily needs, healthcare & education
  • Monthly Health Care for 6 AIDS patients at Bel-Air Hospital, Panchgani, Maharashtra
  • Sponsored a Kidney Dialysis Machine at Jain Visha Oshwal Club, Ahmedabad, for affordable dialysis
  • Donation to Gujarat Cancer Society who provides affordable treatment to needy cancer patients
  • Sponsored the CELL (Blood) Counting Machine at Bel-Air Hospital, Panchgani, Maharashtra, to help in the treatment of the very poor & needy patients
  • In aid of “SPARSH” An Educational project which runs in a slum area in West Ahmedabad
  • In aid of “Shwas Project by Yuva Unstoppable: A street school for underprivileged kids
  • Supported an environment film “Save Our Sholas-SOS” by Rolex Award-Winning Wild Life Photographer Shekar Dattatri’s Trust For Environmental Education
  • Supported the cause of “Gir Welfare Fund” in support of the Lion census at Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

SPEC INDIA – Motif Charity Walk Beneficiarie

Donations to NGOs shouldering a range of humanitarian causes that encompass different trusts supporting the underprivileged in terms of education, health & nutrition, sports for disabled people, environment & eco-friendly development, animal welfare, socio-economic activities for women & child upliftment from tribal areas, hearing impaired children, speech therapy and many more.

  • Lokhit Seva Samiti
  • Samerth Charitable Trust
  • Sabarmati Harijan Ashram
  • Shrimad Rajchandra Seva Kendra
  • Jeevan Tirth
  • Sadvichar Parivar
  • Prabhat Education Foundation
  • Jivdaya Charitable Trust
  • TARA Foundation
  • Digvijay Lions Foundation
  • Manilal Gagaldas Patel Sarvoday Kendra
  • National Indian Association
  • Sarjan Foundation
  • Samvedana Trust
  • Tech To Lead
  • Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust
  • Special Olympics Gujarat Charitable Trust
  • Gujarat Harijan Sevak Sangh

SOS – Save Our Sholas

A film on water conservation awareness shot in the Western Ghats supported by SPEC INDIA in association with Mr. Shekar Dattari, a leading environmentalist globally and the only Indian to have won the prestigious Rolex Award.

SPEC INDIA – AMA Youth Empowerment Chair

A boost to the untapped skills in the younger generations of India, SPEC INDIA – AMA offers roadmaps to tap the potential of the youth of India.

  • Life Skills Programme
  • Empowerment Programme