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DevOps As a Service: 4 Cs To Streamline IT Processes

DevOps As A Service offers 4 Cs that define the overall cultural shift in software engineering methodologies. SPEC INDIA’s skillful DevOps consultants aim to maximize the revenue cycle by reducing time-to-market, producing error-free products, and ensuring a close association between teams at a high velocity. Our wide-ranging DevOps service includes:


Continuous Planning

Setting expectations, evaluation of existing system and process, visualizing and strategizing roadmap

BI Consulting

Continuous Integration

Best-in-class technical architecture across the organization ensures a close collaboration between units


Continuous Testing

Manage the constancy of a delivery pipeline by identifying and testing potential risk factors through automated testing


Continuous Deployment

Offer a comprehensive solution for release management, change management, setups, and performance optimization


Faster Software Delivery with DevOps Continuous Delivery

Reach our DevOps experts to make the software development and deployment cycle fast which saves cost as well as time.

Talk To Our DevOps Experts

Why Choose SPEC INDIA for DevOps Consulting?


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DevOps Tools our Consultants Use

There are many tools that help to simplify the task of DevOps consultants. Our DevOps Experts are well-versed in using the below tools.


Jenkins is a top DevOps technology that produces fantastic results at any scale. It is an open-source automation server that provides numerous plug-ins for project development, deployment, and automation.


Popular DevOps tool Selenium is used as a framework for automated software testing of web applications. Selenium provides the quick, efficient, and accurate testing technology that DevOps personnel need.


Docker is a popular software platform for rapidly developing, testing, and deploying applications. It is an excellent PaaS platform that uses OS-level virtualization to distribute applications in containers.


Google's Kubernetes is a major container orchestration tool. Kubernetes, as a capable DevOps solution, aids in the deployment of containerized apps to a cluster of devices and automates container distribution.


Puppet is well-known in the DevOps field as a user-dependent tool that contributes to the source code. It is supported by a large infrastructure and has excellent documentation and community assistance. It is built on Ruby and employs a bespoke domain programming language.


Ansible is a popular open source automation tool for creating and standardizing automation techniques such as apps, network setup, development environments, and cloud-based deployments.


Hire DevOps Engineers from SPEC INDIA

Hire specialist DevOps experts to provide specialized DevOps consulting services. We can assist you in establishing and deploying a fully dedicated DevOps engineer team in less than a week.

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Develop your DevOps strategic plan in collaboration with the industry's premier DevOps consulting company. With experience in implementing hundreds of DevOps projects, we assist enterprise and medium-sized businesses to launch a new DevOps endeavor or quickly recover a failed DevOps project.

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