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SPEC INDIA’s state-of-the-art DevOps services assist organizations in DevOps adoption using the right approach. SPEC INDIA’s enterprise DevOps offering includes end-to-end, automated practices that help organizations bridging the gap between development and operations. We are DevOps Service Provider aim to accelerate time-to-market, increase efficiency, and add value to your organization by following standard practices.

Overcome The Challenges of Legacy Systems: Ask DevOps Experts

DevOps is an approach to overcome the challenges of today’s business. Organizations have to leverage these concepts to eliminate long app development cycles and legacy processes in order to gain a competitive edge.

What Is DevOps? Why Do Enterprises Need To Adopt It?

It’s an approach to bridge the gap between ‘Development’ and ‘Operation’. It is an engineering culture which aims to combine software development and operation strengthening better collaboration and communication among the teams.

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    DevOps As A Service: 5 Cs To Streamline IT Processes

    DevOps offers 5 Cs that defines the overall cultural shift in software engineering methodologies. SPEC INDIA’s skillful DevOps consultants aim to maximize revenue cycle by reducing time-to-market, producing error-free products, and ensuring a close association between teams at a high velocity. Our wide-ranging DevOps service includes:

    Continuous Planning

    Setting expectations, evaluation of existing system and process, visualizing and strategizing roadmap

    Continuous Integration

    Best-in-class technical architecture across the organization ensures a close collaboration between units

    Continuous Testing

    Manage the constancy of a delivery pipeline by identifying and testing potential risk factors through automated testing

    Continuous Deployment

    Offer a comprehensive solution for release management, change management, setups, and performance optimization

    Continuous Feedback and Monitoring

    Align customer expectations and fine-tunes overall monitoring process to accomplish business objectives.

    Meet Enterprise Security Goals With DevSecOps

    Being one of the early adopters of DevOps and backed by 30 years of experience in enterprise software development, we, at SPEC INDIA, determine risk factors at every phase and implement necessary security measures with the help of DevSecOps. DevSecOps represents a culture where security is a shared responsibility and an integral part of the lifecycle from the start.

    We help the large enterprises in end-to-end DevOps adoption right from the consulting, assessing practices, setting up the DevOps environment, and using best-in-class tools to automate entire delivery pipeline.

    Tools We Use

    • Jenkins
    • Docker
    • GITHUB
    • Consul
    • ELK Stack
    • Amazon CloudWatch
    • Ansible
    • AWS CodeDeploy
    • Bamboo
    • Bitbucket
    • Datadog
    • Kubernetes
    • Maven
    • New Relic
    • Sonarqube
    • Splunk
    • Strongswan
    • TeamCity
    • Terraform
    • Elastic Stack

    Are You Ready To Shift To Business Agility Via DevOps?

    Get in touch with us our Experts today and get to know how DevOps can help meeting your strategic enterprise goals by keeping an eye on modern business needs in this customer-centric era.

    DevOps Consulting

    DevOps Consulting

    • Evaluation of current practices and auditing existing infrastructure to create a roadmap
    DevOps Implementation

    DevOps Implementation

    • Identifying right set of tools to implement agile, cloud-based, and efficient DevOps environment
    Automation and Integration

    Automation and Integration

    • Automate and setup end-to-end delivery pipeline to establish robust ecosystem of software development
    DevOps Management

    DevOps Management

    • Manages entire DevOps processes along with continuous deployment testing, monitoring, and feedback process

    Key Benefits of DevOps Services:

    SPEC INDIA strives to put expertise as leading DevOps agency dedicated to bringing a change with years of experience and extensive know-how. We have already assisted enterprises belonging to various industry verticals in implementing DevOps practices.

    Benefits of DevOps Implementation In Your Organization

    • Faster product development lifecycle
    • Efficient, agile, and cloud-based infrastructure
    • Automation of end-to-end delivery & deployment
    • Continuous testing, releasing and maintaining
    • Significant cost and time reduction
    • Maximum efficiency with lesser time-to-market of a product
    • Intelligent, advanced, rapid, and customer-centric development activities

    Why SPEC INDIA As Your ‘DevOps Service Provider’?

    30+ Years Of Experience

    With notable 30+ years of experience, we keep ourselves updated with trending tools and technologies to help you stay ahead of the rest.

    Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Processes

    Our proficiency in managing infrastructure and creating digitally-advanced software help you save time and cost.

    24*7 Support

    Our round-the-clock support and maintenance services are ready to get your every issue fixed.

    Accomplishing Business Goals

    We are committed to making your business grow. Our aim is to provide a solution that effectively suffices the needs of modern business.

    Ask DevOps Experts

    Our DevOps consultants work closely with your team in strategizing and implementing DevOps in your organization to automate processes, boost productivity, and speed up product development lifecycle.