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Our PHP Development Services

PHP powers a large number of websites in the world it is one of the most powerful and widely-used programming languages for web development. As it is open-source and continuously evolving with many frameworks and tools, developers can leverage PHP to create feature-rich websites, portals, and customized web apps.

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Custom PHP Development Services

Our team of experienced PHP developers understands your requirements and takes advantage of PHP’s flexibility to deliver custom website solutions that are in line with your business objectives. With our 36+ years of experience in the IT market, our team has gained technical and as well as business domain expertise that helps them successfully deliver customized solutions for diverse needs.

Portal Development-icon

Web Portal Development

We create business-specific web portals that serve as access points with all the necessary information. Web portals are used to engage with customers, and provide them with the platform to interact, ask, and use services you offer. Our web portal development services include requirement analysis, target audience analysis, web design, and planning.


CMS Development

Our tailored approach to website development aims at creating a content management system (CMS) that meets all your needs. Our web developers are experts in crafting a perfect CMS containing all necessary aspects of content management such as planning, editing, and publishing content. We have security standards in place that help our developers develop solutions that adhere to compliance standards.

IoT Retail

eCommerce Development

We develop eCommerce websites that aim at offering the best user experience to customers. We help you launch your eCommerce store or develop a marketplace using the best tools and technologies that help you sell more, faster, and in the most convenient way. We also help eCommerce owners to integrate various tools with the existing store to extend its functionality.


Website Maintenance & Support

Our PHP website maintenance and support ensure uptime, security, and error-free performance. It includes support from experts, PHP version upgrades, troubleshooting, bug fixing, data and backups, security updates, and integration with 3rd parties. Our experienced PHP developers keep monitoring the system for performance, security, and functional enhancements.

Custom Enterprise Software Development

PHP Backend Development

PHP is a highly favorable language for website development due to its several benefits. PHP is used in backend programming, connecting the components with required 3rd-party services, and server-side scripting. A powerful backend is vital in creating a successful website or web portal. Create dynamic websites with PHP to leverage the benefits of speed, performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


Modernize Legacy Applications

Leverage modern tech stack to eliminate bottlenecks in performance, enhance security, and modernize the look and feel of the website. Our customized approach to migration ensures minimum disruption, no data loss, and seamless migration using the latest PHP frameworks. We modernize your existing web apps and web portals to give your web apps a performance boost and a competitive edge.


Hire PHP Developer

Hire a skilled PHP developer to develop a robust backend of your website and high-performant web applications from scratch. Our flexible engagement models and years of experience help you get qualified PHP developers at cost-effective rates. Meet changing business demands or augment your current IT team by hiring dedicated and experienced PHP web developers from SPEC INDIA.


Full-Cycle PHP Web Development Services To Create Next-Gen Solutions

Hire PHP developers from SPEC INDIA to create powerful, custom solutions of any complexity and industry domain to meet ever-changing business requirements.

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Tools/Frameworks Used for PHP Development Services


Laravel is the most popular PHP web framework designed for creating powerful, full-stack PHP web applications. It offers elegant, expressive, and clean syntax that improves the developer experience and makes development faster. Our Laravel developers are committed to delivering the finest web applications that are scalable, well-architected, and high-performant.


WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (Content Management System), widely used to build and host websites. It is written in PHP language and is one of the most powerful, customizable, and famous platforms in the web development world. It is used by a large number of businesses to manage, edit, and publish content effortlessly.


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework to build dynamic web applications. It is an open-source web development platform with a simple and elegant toolkit to create PHP-based websites. It allows PHP developers to build dynamic and feature-rich web applications with ease and speed. CodeIgniter helps develop applications that are powerful, elegant, and user-friendly.


Yii is an open-source, component-based MVC PHP web application framework. It is a fast, secure, and efficient PHP framework popular among developers. It is ideal for PHP web development as it enables rapid development due to its code generators and well-structured code mechanisms. With many built-in widgets and features, Yii is the preferred web framework for higher performance and security.


CakePHP is an open-source web development framework that enables the rapid development of PHP web applications. It uses commonly used design patterns and follows the MVC approach. It offers flexibility and simplicity to develop full-fledged web applications. Our PHP web development services include working with major PHP tools and frameworks to help you stay ahead of the curve.


React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is a top-rated cross-platform, flexible, and open-source library maintained by Meta. It is one of the most commonly used frontend libraries for web and mobile. We also build cross-platform apps using React Native, a popular cross-platform mobile app framework for building apps for iOS and Android.


Built on TypeScript, Angular is a component-based, open-source web application framework by Google. Our Angular development services serve businesses of all sizes and deliver tailored-fit solutions. Our expertise in Angular web development delivers customized, scalable, and high-quality web applications, web portals, SPAs, and dynamic web apps.


Vue is a modern JavaScript framework to build captivating user interfaces with intuitive API, powerful features, and a declarative and component-based programming model. Vue.js is considered one of the top front-end UI frameworks and is loved by developers and businesses alike. It is versatile and used to create web user interfaces that are truly native and visually rich.


JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language powering majority of the websites. It is one of the core technologies in the foundation of the web along with HTML and CSS. JavaScript is mainly used for client-side scripting, and its usage has evolved beyond web browsers. It is a dominant language in modern application development with its revolutionary usage in server-side scripting.


MySQL is a free and open-source relational database management system suitable for data warehousing needs and large online transaction processing (OLTP). Boost performance and achieve agility, reliability, and uptime with the MySQL platform. MySQL is one of the widely-used databases and meets almost all the requirements of today’s businesses.


PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source RDBMS offering extensibility, advanced features, and SQL compliance. We work with PostgreSQL to address your data warehouse and data storage needs with its robust features such as stability, high levels of resilience, integrity, and accuracy.


MongoDB is a NoSQL and cross-platform database used extensively by developers to create highly available and scalable applications. It is a popular document database based on JSON-like documents that power faster, flexible, and performant applications. Our developers are well-versed in database technologies, data platforms, and analytics that allow them to solve complex data challenges.

SQL Server

We help modern businesses streamline data collection, data migration, and data integration using powerful tools and technologies. SQL Server offers many features for data collection, integration, management, analysis, and reporting. Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system ideal for server applications.

Apache HTTP Server

The Apache HTTP Server is a free, open-source, and cross-platform web server software. It is designed for modern operating systems such as UNIX and Windows. It is the most commonly used web server offering secure, efficient, and faster HTTP services that are in line with current HTTP standards. It is maintained by an open-source community of the developers under Apache Software Foundation.


Ngnix is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server that enhances content and application delivery, strengthens security, and offers flexibility. It can be also used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy, and HTTP Cache. It is popular for its capacity to handle high concurrency and low memory usage. Nginx is used by many well-known companies to manage high concurrent requests.


LiteSpeed Web Server is one of the popular web servers and an Apache Alternative. It offers performance, security, convenience, and high scalability. With a set of high-performance features and strong security, the LiteSpeed server has quickly gained popularity among developers and network administrators. It is the faster and best-suited web server for processing PHP scripts.

Tools/Frameworks Used for PHP Development Services

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MySQL-Technology PostgreSQL-Technology Mongo-db-icon SQL-Server-Technology
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Why PHP for Web Application Development?

PHP offers many benefits over other programming languages for the web. It is advantageous in almost all types of websites and web projects because of its wide community, available resources, cross-platform compatibility, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you want custom web solutions, eCommerce websites, enterprise portals, cloud services, or business web apps, PHP is an ideal choice for converting your ideas into reality.


PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is simple, easy to use, flexible, and pragmatic language. PHP developers can utilize a wide ecosystem of open-source PHP frameworks to deliver the best user experiences. Since you don’t need to pay for a framework or any other tool, you can build feature-rich web applications at very cost effective rates.

Web Compatibility02

PHP is compatible with major operating systems and platform-independent. PHP code can be easily embedded into an HTML page and it is widely used along with HTML to create dynamic websites. PHP’s variety of features and ease of use make it one of the most suitable languages for web development. It is one of few server-side scripting languages used to add functionality to web pages easily.


PHP is considered a very flexible language and is used in a wide range of scenarios. It allows developers to make changes to the code faster and offers code reusability. It also offers cross-platform support and is compatible with modern servers. PHP applications can be deployed on clouds to achieve scalability and high availability. PHP is an ideal choice for web applications of any type and domain.


PHP is faster and offers a faster loading time for web pages due to its own memory space. PHP is comparatively fast compared to other web programming languages with easy database connectivity and faster data loading. With continuous evolvement and a variety of PHP tools, PHP continues to be the top choice for developing scalable, faster, and user-friendly websites and web portals.


PHP’s wide community and rich frameworks help developers build websites smoothly. PHP is an open-source language and the community is continuously making efforts to make it better. The PHP community is diverse and large and contains numerous libraries, frameworks, and tools. It is easy to find the right and experienced PHP developers for hire to get your ideas converted into digital reality.

Easy Learning Curve06

PHP is straightforward to use. The learning curve of PHP is considered to be easy and it is preferred by beginners to get started. A number of resources are available to help developers learn PHP faster. The code structure is manageable and it is a good start for new developers. Also, various PHP frameworks are easy to use to develop dynamic web pages.


Hire PHP Developer

Whether you want to develop next-gen web applications or augment your current team with skilled PHP resources, hire PHP developers from SPEC INDIA to meet all your web development needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language with advantages such as flexibility, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, speed, HTML compatibility, community support, and an easy learning curve.

PHP application development refers to the process of developing dynamic websites using PHP and its variety of libraries. PHP is well-suited for web application development as it offers exactly what you need – speed, efficiency, scalability, and a modern tech stack for website development.

PHP development cost depends on many factors such as project size, time, resources, cost, and complexity of the project. SPEC INDIA offers flexible engagement models through which you can pick the best-suited model of your choice at affordable rates.

The time PHP development requires hugely depends on the requirement, scope, and complexity of the project. More features and a more dynamic website mean more time it will need.

Yes, we offer SLA-based support and maintenance after the project is over. Our post-launch support and maintenance services take care of bugs, performance issues, upgrades, and other minor changes.

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Accelerate Business Growth Through Comprehensive PHP Development Services

Talk to us for your requirements and we are here to help you build dynamic, interactive, faster, and reliable websites that help your business gain a competitive edge.

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