Parameters Laravel Django
Overview A PHP-based open-source system for web development that uses MVC Framework built with PHP A Python-based open-source system for web development that uses MVT framework built with Python
Initial Release June 2011 July 2005
Popularity Laravel is a well-known framework for various website categories, such as business, arts, industry, entertainment, etc., in countries like the USA, Brazil, and the UK. Django has been a popular framework for websites in different categories, such as science, electronics, food, drinks, etc., in countries like Spain, the USA, France, and many more.
Database Support Supports MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, SQL Supports MariaDB, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL
Security Use salted and hashed passwords; never save them as plain text. Implement basic security measures to solve cybersecurity issues like SQL injection, XSS, harmful cookies, etc. A user authentication system for user management helps developers avoid errors. Implements effective security measures to solve cybersecurity issues like XSS, cross-site requests, forgery, clickjacking, etc.
Speed and Performance Solid and robust, it has many inbuilt features. Hence, its speed is a little slow compared to other PHP frameworks. However, developers can find different ways to speed up the entire process. Based on Python, hence relatively fast execution. It speeds up the development of web applications by developers due to fast code execution compilation and quick analysis of errors.
Use Cases Robust and extensive apps, custom and on-demand streaming web apps based on PHP, social networking platforms, eLearning apps, SaaS apps, multilingual CMS platforms and blog sites, static and dynamic apps, stock trading-based web apps, eCommerce sites, enterprise-level apps, job portals, self-hosted performance monitoring apps, news, forums, etc. iOS and Android mobile apps, Custom/B2B CRM solutions, document management solutions, financial solutions, emailing systems, data analysis tools, verifications systems, scalable apps, API backend, web apps with ORM support, data-driven applications, ML integration solutions, legal management solution, algorithm-based generators, admin dashboards, etc.
Template Based on the Blade template, which is a powerful and fully featured template Based on the Jinja template, which empowers users to customize goals, filters, tests, etc.
Routing Easy for routing with methods such as patch, delete, get, etc. It is more complicated for routing since it has no API and needs to be worked around.
App Management It cannot manage multiple apps but is ideal for midscale projects without numerous apps. Can easily manage multiple apps since there is a separate parent directory for each app under the main project
Programming Language A full-stack web framework is written in PHP A battery included web framework written in Python
Application Architecture Supports Model View Controller (MVC) architecture that empowers developers for division of responsibilities Supports Model View Template (MVT) architecture, which is ideally fit for all types of applications that need frequent changes
Community Support Vast community support offering documentation and other relevant help ExtensivThe Django Software Foundation offers ample community support with applicable packages
Code It is easy for novices to learn coding and syntax Complex for novices as compared to Laravel
Development Environment The Laravel framework works well with events, queues, and command buses utilized to run cron jobs. Django framework works as a lightweight web server with faster and simpler development.
Methodology Object Relational Mapping (ORM) and query builder to support active record implementation. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) to support the interface between application and database
API Support It has a routing system with built-in API support, so no other library needs to create PIs. It is easy to generate backend solutions for front-end and mobile development. It does not have built-in API support, so libraries must be included to create APIs. Routing becomes challenging and hence needs Django development experience while creating apps
GitHub Stars 34,292 stars 43,384 stars
Learning Curve The steep learning curve with exceptions and code complexities Easy to learn for novices and developer-friendly
Running Websites Hosts around 121,173 websites Hosts around 205,106 websites
Design Interface Laravel makes use of Authenticate and template engine Django makes use of a ready-to-use Administrative graphical interface
License MIT 3-Clause BSD
Scalability Good scaling competencies from PHP support horizontal scaling, also Good scaling competencies from Python go well with AI and ML-based apps
Inbuilt Tools It contains inbuilt tools like method injection It contains inbuilt tools like decorators
Ease of Testing Testing PHP-based apps is a little time-consuming and can turn out a little tricky. Testing Python-based apps is more accessible and does not need much effort and time.
Middleware Support Only support for HTTP middleware Supports different middleware also