Energy & Utilities Enterprise Solutions

SPEC INDIA assists the energy & utility industry by offering comprehensive IT solutions that aim to modernize the business operations by lessening manual work, automating processes and offering near real-time information in desired format, at desired time. Focusing on varied areas like assets and inventory, field services, safety and compliance, operations management and more, we offer solutions that meet and fulfil client expectations addressing most common challenges that are encountered today, in this domain. These challenges could concern cost effectiveness, supervisory necessities, combination challenges, market gush, crude oil demand to name a few. Our domain expertise helps us build independent modules grounded on the functional departments – supply chain, stock & inventory, billing, resource planning & tracking, report generation, module integration, accounting, operational management etc.

Our years of experience in software development, all around the globe has offered numerous advantages to our esteemed clientele, in the energy & utilities sector. Advantages such as reduction in costs of operations, increased operational efficacy, improved customer loyalty and satisfaction, enhanced project accomplishment, better timelines of delivery, standardized agreement with rules and regulations, high end flexibility in business. Our energy & utility IT solutions are customizable to fit industry needs, with best of project management and flexible execution models. With the assistance of smart data analytics, we offer a thorough procedure of managing and monitoring data to give our clients a unique experience.

Energy & Utilities Custom Software Development

Giving complete engaging experience to users, this is a set of business software systems that focus on resource planning, management & operational control between different departments / sections / offices / locations. Diverse software modules to focus on separate working areas and integrated with each other through intermediate modules.

  • Integration of financial, customer, manufacturing, inventory, HR Information
  • Inter department coordination
  • Mobile based operations
  • Customer coordination
  • Insightful & analytical reports

ERP Solution for Energy & Utilities

A blend of business software solutions, meant for the energy & utilities industry, that emphasis on resource planning, management & operational control between diverse departments/sections/offices/locations. Assorted software modules to concentrate on individual working areas and integrated via transitional modules.

  • Seamless Integration of financial, customer, manufacturing, inventory, HR Information
  • Inter department harmonization
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Client coordination
  • Perceptive & analytical reports

Energy & Utilities CRM Solution

Custom CRM development for energy & utilities highlighting merger of features under each important area – Sales, Service, Marketing & Satisfaction. Fully customizable to fit industry specific requirements, it caters to primary, secondary and tertiary sales workflows.

  • Competition Check and Tracking
  • Credit Balance and Transaction History
  • Spot Billing
  • Signed Transactions
  • Route Planning, Feedback & Survey
  • Campaign Management

Spot Billing System

A revolutionary solution aiming to streamline and implement an effective metering and billing system. Facilitates its consumers with improved cash flow, increased revenue, accurate meter readings, centralized integration, increased transparency and customer satisfaction.

  • Spot bill generation and printing system
  • Device authentication
  • Instant meter reading & recording
  • Payment collection
  • Integration with SAP
  • Report generation
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Invoice generation & printing

Mobile SFA Solution for Energy & Utilities

SFA for energy & utilities automating & connecting mobile field sales force with corporate back office & guarantee real time & complete flow of information between both entities. Helps achieve 40%-50% faster RoI and increases sales efficiency by 50%.

  • Order taking to invoicing
  • Van sales automation
  • Field force attendance
  • Sales route management
  • Surveys
  • BI & Analytics

Energy & Utilities Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobility enabled IT solutions for the enterprise to accurately create technology with business models. Advanced websites, mobile devices all over, automated & secure banking services are the key USPs.

  • Mobile tracking of operations
  • Enterprise systems & business intelligence
  • Tracking and notification services
  • Cloud based services
  • Online banking & financial management
  • Mobile banking services

Energy & Utilities Mobile App Development

Interactive mobile apps, almost impossible to resist in this industry – these apps are focused on giving what the user needs. It offers better viewer engagement and thereby further growth in the Energy & Utilities industry. Customer mobile enablement, smart support services, digital signature are the USPs.

  • Latest news / updates
  • Predictive analysis and trend forecasting
  • Audio / video functionality
  • Customized alerts / notifications
  • Social media integration
  • Real time updates on news / information
  • Payment integration