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Why Choose Spec India as your ERP Software Development Company

Choosing SPEC India as your ERP development company means a client-centric approach, years of expertise and experience, customization, and proven results. When it comes to ERP development, we have thoroughly researched the market and have identified that most business prefer custom ERP solutions rather than the readymade tools available in the market.

Why choose a read-made ERP system that can take more time to fit your business requirements?

Instead go with our custom ERP software development solution and get what you expect to be in ERP Software. We built solutions by considering all important business aspects and the pain points they are going through. We have professionals on the panel for designing, developing, and quality assurance for cloud-based and scalable ERP software for the management of end-to-end business processes.

We develop cutting edge ERP software that can be run from mobile devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, smart screens or from wireless display devices making your data available to you at anytime and anywhere.

Get real-time insights on everyday data across all your departments, warehouses or distribution hubs, with our custom ERP software development services for small, medium amd large scale businesses.


Active Users


Monthly Orders Processed


Industries Covered


Consumers Served


Warehouses Covered


Dynamic Reports Generated


Customer Ratings


Ready to Use Templates

Discover How Custom ERP Software Modules Can Augment Productivity And Profitability

erp1 Accounts
Human Resource
Warehouse Management
Sales and Distribution
Point of Sale
Fixed Assets Management
Transportation Management

Benefits Of ERP System

As one of the leading ERP consulting companies in the USA, we have been providing ERP development services for a decade. We are explicitly helping companies get out of their manual zones and implement automation in their time-consuming manual tasks. Transform your business with the help of our ERP solutions that can use such technologies as AI/ML, IoT, and blockchain. We do not restrict you to a specific package, our software evolves with your enterprise. As you grow, expand and add new requirements, you can call for new features to be added every now and then. Customization is limitless. Capabilities are designed to fit the company’s objectives using natural and clickable layouts for web and mobile applications. Here are some key benefits of ERP system that you can get with custom ERP development services:

  • Access to features and reports on the go on mobile
  • PIN, fingerprint recognition, OTP, and face recognition are secure mechanisms to log in.
  • Limit by physical geography, the device, or the subscriber identity number.
  • Graphically monitor the movement of a user on a map
  • E-commerce payment with QR codes and One Time Passwords
  • Automatic Multi Cost center reports, budgeting and planning
  • Different formats of the report that is engaging
  • Compatibility with other devices and equipment’s

Custom ERP Software for All Industry Needs

Finance and Accounting
Human Resources
Production Management
Sales and Marketing
Supply Chain Management
Point of Sale
Transportation Management

Key Benefits Of Custom ERP Software From SPEC INDIA


With our 36+ years of experience in architecting and deploying software for various industry domains, we know how to align modern technologies with a constant-changing business landscape. Here are several primary business benefits of an ERP system::

  • Interactive & user-friendly UI/UX
  • Supports multiple companies, multiple languages, multiple currencies
  • Real-time data access across the organization
  • On-premise as well as on-the-cloud deployment
  • Suitable for Small, Medium, and Large Enterprise Businesses
  • In-built messaging functionality
  • Flexible admin configuration for user/role-based access

External Hardware Integration

Bluetooth &Wi-Fi enabled Barcode / QR Code Scanner
GPS Device
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Printer
Weigh Bridge
POS System (Touch Screen Monitor, Tablet, Weighing Scale)
Thermometer System
RFID System
Biometric Machine
LED Shelf Display
Finger Scan Access

Our Assurance as Best ERP Development Company in USA

  • Trusted partner – Choosing SPEC India means partnering with a trusted ERP software development company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions.
  • Certification – An ISO 9001:2015 certified custom software solutions company with over three.
  • Accelerated Development Process – Our approach is strictly and efficiently structured according to the Agile Scrum method, and after 2-3 months of initial work, our team provides the basic functionalities of the created system.
  • Custom ERP Development – Whether you require the implementation of new ERP system or additional improvements to the existing one, we do not interrupt your business processes, guaranteeing the safe integration.
  • Comprehensive Support – We also provide full end-to-end support for your ERP project starting from design, development, implementation to the constant support to help your system run as it should.
  • Transparent Operations – There is no hidden cost or secret amending of charges that you have to pay at the end of the project we as your service providers keep you posted on all expenditures for you to make sound business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom ERP software development is the process of developing unique enterprise resource planning software for an organization, making it more efficient, scalable, and compatible with other systems.

ERP system implementation may require a period of roughly six months to twenty-four months depending on the project’s size, functionality, and the complexity of the company requirements.

The services provided by SPEC INDIA in the ERP field include ERP system development, implementation and mobile applications, customization and enhancement, quick ERP application development, customized enterprise dashboards, ERP migration solutions, ERP consultation and ERP maintenance.

SPEC INDIA’s ERP services encompass customisation, increased effectiveness, ability to expand, compatibility and the availability of qualified service providers for consulting, development and technical support.

Custom ERP is likely to cost between $50, 000 and a few hundred thousand of dollars in relation to the number of users, the system’s complexity and integrated features, required modules, and the time taken to develop the system.

No. Readymade ERP software solutions cannot be customize as per your requirement.

Before building ERP software, ensure clear requirements, stakeholder involvement, reputable vendor selection, scalability and flexibility, integration needs, realistic budget and timeline, and plan for user training and ongoing support.

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