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Business Intelligence Company Helping Brands to Create Data-Driven Culture

We know how overwhelming data can be and it is quite tough to manage data especially in the cases of data overload, poor quality data and limited in-house expertise. We have thoroughly researched the market and better understand the value of data for businesses like yours. Our business intelligence and analytics services are designed to make your data work for you. We simplify complex information, helping your organization understand and use data effectively.


Data Visualization Services

Our data visualization services simplify complex data into clear and interactive visuals. This makes it easy to spot trends and insights at a glance. It helps you make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Enterprise-Business Intelligence-Icon

Enterprise Business Intelligence

We offer enterprise-grade Business intelligence solutions that scale with your business. By integrating and analyzing data across all departments, our custom business intelligence solution helps you gain a unified view of your organization's data. It helps you make decisions strategically and confidently.


Predictive Analytics Solutions

Our predictive analytics solutions leverage advanced algorithms to forecast future trends and outcomes. Predictive analytics help uncover hidden insights from data with the help of data mining, statistical modeling, and machine learning techniques. This proactive approach allows you to anticipate market changes, optimize operations, and drive strategic planning.


Integrating BI Capabilities into Existing Systems

As a part of our business intelligence services we help companies seamlessly integrate BI capabilities into their current systems, ensuring minimal disruption. This integration transforms their way of managing data and making decisions out of it. They also get immediate access to powerful analytical tools and insights.


Data Warehousing Services

Our data warehousing services consolidate your data from multiple sources into a single centralized system. This approach ensures data consistency, improves access speed, and supports comprehensive analysis which is the need of current need of companies. Get warehousing services that include consulting, implementation, support, and maintenance.


Business Intelligence Consulting

Our business intelligence consulting services help organizations realize the power of business intelligence and analytics for actionable insights that help companies solve complex business challenges. Hire a business intelligence consultant to enable a data-centric environment with custom BI strategy, architecture, and implementation. Our skilled and qualified team of business intelligence consultants and BI developers helps organizations execute end-to-end BI strategies for improved visibility and performance.


Data Analytics Consulting Services

We offer specialized data analytics consulting to help you uncover valuable insights from your data. Empower your businesses with smarter, real-time insights using the latest data analytics technologies. Our consultants use advanced techniques to analyze your data and provide actionable recommendations to drive business growth.

ETL Process

Our ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) services streamline your data processing workflows. Our expertise in data integration services helps organizations effectively design consistent data pipelines to fuel data analytics. We ensure your data is accurately extracted, transformed into the desired format, and loaded into your BI system, making sure it is ready for analysis.

BI Strategy Analytics

Why Custom Business Intelligence Solution is Better Than Ready-Made BI Tools

Off-the-shelf BI tools often don’t meet the unique needs of businesses. They might not adapt to your specific processes and can have trouble working with your existing systems. Customized Business intelligence solutions are different. Technically, they are designed to meet your specific needs, and get along well with the things you already have.

This method proves more valuable than generic tools you can find online, and it automatically gives you a more personal feel. Well, it is a custom BI solution, which means that you will be able to get exactly what you want. You get the chance to get rid of the actual problems or challenges that your company is facing while managing data.

Want more clarity? We offer free Business Intelligence consulting, too. Let’s discuss your pain points and find a solution at no time.

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Our Business Intelligence Services Tech Stack


Azure Data Factory offers easy, enterprise-scale, fully-managed, and serverless data integration services with more than 90 built-in connectors to easily and quickly build a data pipeline. We use Azure Data Factory to integrate data of all shapes and sizes, streamline the ETL process, and ensure efficiency, quality, and performance.


Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) offers Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities to meet all your data integration needs effectively. Our Pentaho Data Integration service helps organizations manage various data sources, clean them, and store them in a uniform format. Create a customized and consistent data pipeline with data integration and reporting capabilities offered by Pentaho.

AWS Glue

AWS Glue is a serverless and scalable data integration service provided by Amazon. Perform ETL and integration activities effortlessly with AWS Glue and prepare data for analytics. Our skilled team of business intelligence developers uses this powerful serverless ETL tool to perform ETL processes cost-effectively and quickly.


Hevo is a comprehensive data pipeline platform enabling organizations to easily pull data from various sources to the warehouse and prepare data for analytics through powerful data models and workflows. Leverage data for better insights with a seamless, no-code, bi-directional data pipeline that is built for modern ETL, ELT, and reverse ETL requirements.


Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) is a component of the Microsoft SQL Server database and offers enterprise-level data integration and data transformation solutions. Our BI developers are well-versed in Microsoft’s business intelligence stack to solve complex data challenges. Using SSIS, we provide end-to-end data migration, data management, and data integration services.

SQL Server

We help modern businesses streamline data collection, data migration, and data integration using powerful tools and technologies. SQL Server offers many features for data collection, integration, management, analysis, and reporting. Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system ideal for server applications.

Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Service is mainly an analytics service that offers data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. Gain timely insights across data warehouse and big data systems with Azure Synapse Service, a popular enterprise analytics service.


Amazon Redshift is a fully-managed and large-scale data warehouse service in the AWS cloud. Our business intelligence team possesses knowledge of popular data warehouse tools to manage, set up, operate, and scale a data warehouse. Amazon Redshift offers a simple, cost-effective, and scalable data warehouse solution with amazing features.


MySQL is a free and open-source relational database management system suitable for data warehousing needs and large online transaction processing (OLTP). Boost performance and achieve agility, reliability, and uptime with the MySQL platform. MySQL is one of the widely-used databases and meets almost all the requirements of today’s businesses.


Our skilled team of BI developers and designers is experienced in building data-intensive applications using Snowflake. Snowflake offers cloud-based data storage and analytics services to manage and analyze data in a hassle-free manner. Snowflake’s robust architecture and wide-ranging capabilities ensure concurrency and performance at scale.


PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source RDBMS offering extensibility, advanced features, and SQL compliance. We work with PostgreSQL to address your data warehouse and data storage needs with its robust features such as stability, high levels of resilience, integrity, and accuracy.

Power BI

Achieve improved visibility, real-time insights, and better business decisions with Power BI, interactive data visualization and business intelligence software from Microsoft. Our skilled Power BI developers transform your enterprise data into meaningful insights to create a data-driven culture across your organization.


Our Tableau data visualization services help businesses unlock smarter, real-time insights with Tableau’s powerful analytics and BI platform. Our Tableau consultants utilize Tableau to improve operations, build a data culture, extract deeper insights and enhance customer experience.


Pentaho is among the leading business intelligence platform offering data integration, OLAP services, ETL, reporting, data mining, and dashboard creation services. Popular for its data integration and visualization capabilities, Pentaho makes it super easier to connect with more data sources and perform ETL.


SQL Server Reporting Services is a part of Microsoft SQL Server Services and is used to create interactive, mobile, and printable reports. SSRS, reporting software from Microsoft offers on-premises tools and services to create and deliver various interactive, mobile, and printed reports.


Microsoft Excel is a powerful data visualization and analysis tool used for diverse use cases. It offers intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use data management solutions with modern calculation and computation capabilities. Excel’s compelling visualization and powerful analytics help businesses get a better picture of data.

Logi Composer

Logi Composer allows enterprises easily customize and create data visualizations that drive better decisions. With a low-code environment and robust features, our business intelligence developers create dashboards to deliver a personalized visualization experience with drill-downs and filters.


We work with leading and widely-used cloud computing services that power a large number of businesses across the world. AWS offers a highly reliable, scalable, and low-cost infrastructure through various models and on-demand cloud computing platforms based on a pay-as-you-go pricing structure.


Azure, a cloud computing service from Microsoft helps organizations save costs, and build secure, future-ready cloud solutions. Microsoft Azure offers a range of products and services to set up a cloud environment and modernize applications with advanced capabilities to manage data, infrastructure, and workloads.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform offers reliable, high-performance, and scalable infrastructure to build, deploy, and scale apps, websites, and services. GCP is a popular cloud service provider providing flexible infrastructure, scalability, security, powerful analytics, and easy deployment to modernize and transform businesses.

Our Business Intelligence Services Tech Stack

Data Integration
Azure-Data-Factory-Technology PDI-Pentaho-Technology AWS-Glue-Technology Hevo-Technology SQL-Server-Technology
Data Warehousing
SQL-Server-Technology Azure-Synapse-Technology Redshift-Technology MySQL-Technology Snowflake-Technology PostgreSQL-Technology
Data Visualization
Power-BI-Technology Tableau-Technology PDI-Pentaho-Technology SQL-Server-Technology Excel-Technology Logi-Composer-Technology
Cloud Services
AWS-Technology Azure-Technology Google-Cloud-Technology

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Benefits We Offer as Your BI Service Provider

Unlock the full potential of your data with our comprehensive Business intelligence services specifically for data-driven businesses. With our business intelligence and analytics services we provide powerful insights and advanced tools to enhance your business operations and drive success.

Competitive Advantage01

Our customized BI services provide you with a competitive edge by delivering unique insights and solutions tailored to your business. Stay ahead of the competition with data-driven strategies that you can make with our custom BI solutions that perfectly fits in your

Powerful Insights from Hidden Business Data02

Business intelligence services that we offer help in identifying patterns and trends of the large volumes of data available to our clients as well as offer them solutions that are capable of improving their organizational strategies as well as results. Once you have a strong analysis of the available data, it will be convenient to carry out intentional and operational moves from the insights you gain from the data.

Interactive User Dashboards03

We design analytical dashboards, so people can engage with data in a live environment. These are flexible and simple-to-use dashboards that allow users to get to key information quickly. In fact, you are freely capable of modifying the structure of any dashboard as per your convenience.

Improved Decision-Making04

In the business intelligence reporting, the data highlights all the parameters on one master page. Therefore, it offers current, real-time, near-real-time, and future different perspectives and supports business’s faster and better decisions.

Cost Optimization05

Uncover hidden opportunities to save costs throughout your operations. By fine-tuning your resources and processes, you can achieve substantial savings that directly impact your bottom line. This means making every dollar count more effectively and efficiently, ensuring your business remains competitive and profitable.

Improved Operational Efficiency06

Custom BI solutions streamline operations by aligning perfectly with your business processes and systems. It provides relevant information that helps in quick and effective decision-making with less likelihood of delays and improved use of resources. This goes a long way toward enhancing the productivity and efficiency of organizations.


Fed up with manual data entries?

Do not worry! Stay ahead in a data-driven world with our custom business intelligence solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business intelligence is a broad term and includes data mining, data visualization, and data analytics to give businesses a comprehensive and graphical view of business data. It enables organizations to ask questions to the data and unlock insights for strategic decision-making.

We offer comprehensive business intelligence services that include BI consulting, enterprise BI, data visualization, data warehousing, BI support, and end-to-end BI implementation.

One of the primary differences between business intelligence and business analytics is the approach. BI offers descriptive analytics and focuses on historical and present data while BA includes techniques like data modeling, machine learning, and modeling to offer predictive analytics that provides insights into future outcomes.

Here are some of the best tools for business intelligence:

Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense, Pentahos, Looker, Domo, Sisense, Zoho Analytics, etc.

We help organizations realize the potential of data by designing customized BI roadmaps and creating data strategies right from consulting, planning, implementation, and support. We collect mine, manage, and analyze data that generate valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.

Data is one of the important assets of today’s organization and it must be leveraged to identify key trends, opportunities, and risks, and effectively plan future strategies. Business Intelligence helps organizations keep an eye on every activity and process, improving visibility and control over their processes.

Organizations are embracing data culture and promoting data literacy at every level. Emerging trends in BI are automation, collaborative BI, data quality management, real-time data analytics, use of machine learning and NLP.

Business intelligence helps any business and nearly every industry given it is rightly implemented and used. But, here are some industries that are using BI to deliver improved customer experience and boost productivity.

Industries that benefitted from BI:

  • Energy and utility industry
  • FMCG industry
  • Travel and hospitality industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Retail and eCommerce industry
  • Education industry
  • Telecommunication industry
  • Media and telecommunication industry
  • HR and administrators
  • Banking and Finance industry

Envision Data-Driven Culture With Business Intelligence Analytics

Talk to us about your data needs and let data drive your business growth and supercharge decision-making at every level.

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