Business Intelligence Solutions

SPEC INDIA offers a range of enterprise-level business intelligence and analytics solutions that help you see you beyond the data. Our decades-long experience in data-centric solutions helps companies to make most of the data, empowering businesses to improve the decision-making process based on the intelligent interpretation of data. Our Business Intelligence services include BI reporting, dashboarding, data warehousing, smart analytics, custom data visualization, and BI consulting to improve overall business performance.

With our comprehensive suite of enterprise BI solutions, we strive to put data to work by leveraging modern BI tools and expertise in data analytics. Our BI consultants help develop data-driven strategies that supply insights into key areas, support your decision-making process, identify emerging trends, and unlock the hidden value in data.

Our certified BI analysts and business intelligence developers help organizations of any size to collect, analyze, and visualize data and then transform into actionable insights.


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Business Intelligence Services

Considered as one of the leading business intelligence companies, SPEC INDIA possess expertise in leading business analytics tools and technologies like Pentaho, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and open-source business intelligence tools.

What Do We Offer?

  • BI Analytics:

Discover the potential of data with the help of smart, comprehensive, and advanced BI analytics through on-premise and cloud-based reporting software.

  • Data Warehousing:

Integrate multiple data sources to perform analytical reporting, structured queries, and batch analytics.

  • Data Modeling:

Build physical and logical models to simplify complex data environments along with customized data flows for custom reporting.

  • Custom Visualization:

Create custom visuals tailored to your business and information structure to make more apt decisions.

  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load):

Design and implement custom Extract, Transform, Load(ETL) solutions for all your business intelligence and data integration needs.

  • Predictive Analytics:

Leverage the power of predictive analytics to take a better look at upcoming trends, loopholes, and reduce risk by taking proactive actions based on analytics.

  • Dashboarding:

Manage your information in a visually-appealing way to monitor and analyze data with key performance indicators (KPI).

  • Cloud BI:

Maximize performance and minimize cost by adopting cloud business intelligence solutions that are easily accessible and scalable.

  • BI Architect:

Our business intelligence architects create specific data models and manage data warehouses and data resources to aggregate data effectively.

  • Cloud BI Migration:

Rethink your data strategies by migrating from legacy BI to cloud BI for better accessibility, flexibility, and scalability.

  • Self-Service BI:

Our self-service BI plugin empowers business users to access and analyze data without requiring any background in BI or analysis

Business Analytics Tools And BI Reporting Expertise

  • Pentaho
  • Tableau
  • Jaspersoft
  • QlikView

BI Solutions To Revolutionize Data Into Valuable Information

Our Business Analytics Tools And BI Reporting Expertise help companies to drive better decisions regardless of business type and size



  • Identify the Need for BI
  • Data Analysis
  • BI Plan & Strategy
  • Data Warehouse
  • Select Suitable Tool
  • Data >> Insights


  • Creative Visualization
  • Dashboard Design
  • Charting Library
  • User specific designs
  • Report design
  • DB Schema design


  • ETL / ELT
  • Mobile BI
  • Analytical Reports
  • Open Source BI development
  • Microsoft BI
QA & Support

QA & Support

  • ETL QA / Verification
  • Data Uniformity Test
  • Data Load Testing
  • BI Reports Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • 24X7 SLA Support

Enterprise And Open Source Business Intelligence

With an aim to maximize ROI, our skilled team of business intelligence consultants carefully understands your business to craft a better data roadmap covering all aspects. We work with leading open-source business intelligence to ensure the best use of data to make better decisions.

Our BI consultants are capable of delivering end-to-end business intelligence solutions from data warehousing to reporting to custom visualization.

We have also developed Self-Service BI Solution in the form of a plugin for Pentaho community edition users on the Pentaho marketplace. It is designed to help the community with visually-appealing features, dashboards, and reporting.

Why SPEC INDIA As Business Intelligence Company?

Proven BI Expertise

We have helped a number of global clientele with our analysis and reporting services to drive better performance based on data.

Security Compliance

Our professionals are well aware of data compliance and security standards to help create secure and advanced data flows.

Transparent Approach

Our flexible models and quality approach help organizations to define strategic success and help them achieve business objectives.

Use of Modern Technologies

Our business intelligence consultants use latest tools and technologies to build effective and secure business intelligence solutions.

Hire BI Consultant

Improve operational efficiency, increase employee and customer engagement, and maximize ROI by hiring expert BI consultants from SPEC INDIA