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What Is Super Store Dashboard?

A perceptive Tableau Superstore dashboard offers a high-level view of the operational data from a superstore having multiple branches all over. As a small retail segment, it could be producing multiple products like technology products, office products, furniture, etc. Clients could belong to individual segments or business consumers like organizations or home offices.

The Store performance dashboard helps businesses in decision-making, saving time and money by extracting data directly from relevant data platforms.

The dynamic Superstore Tableau dashboard offers a range of filters with a drill-up and drill-down facility for better in-depth analysis. It can determine the total amount of sales, profit, and orders for a selected region. Filters will be applied to different visualizations, as needed.

Live Dashboard

Main Features

Total sales, total profit, and total quantity are displayed in the area chart

Region quantity by ship mode through all regions

Top 10 customers by quantity in the bar chart

Yearly profit over time as area-trend chart

Sales by segment (consumer, corporate, home,office)

Funnel showing highest consumer segment to lowest home office segment

Sales by category with the bar chart

Top 5 product sales in a tabular format

Sales by subcategory market basket including a comparison of current subcategory percentage with others

Sales by regions

Top 10 cities by sales, as a bar chart showing total sale and percentage

Tracking of top 10 cities, region-wise, comparing ranks of last two years

Current to previous year comparison, with top 10 cities


Tableau Super Store Dashboard To Assist Management in Intuitive Decision Making

Leverage the insightful, store performance dashboard to undertake appropriate decisions in marketing, sales, and production. Move a step further of the rest by widening business horizons and maximizing revenue.

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This Superstore performance dashboard focuses on comparing a range of data simultaneously so that decisions can be taken with ease and efficacy. The Tableau dashboards help in finding out the ups and downs in sales, shipping, and profits, and extracting the problem areas, for smooth progress.


Drill-down functions to get comprehensive insights for superior strategies

Visually appealing and enriched dashboard for directors and business leaders

Visualization, tracking, and reporting of crucial KPIs and metrics


Business team

Business director

Superstore administrators, managers


Home offices

Board of directors


Total sales and profit figures

Total marketing spends

Monitoring long-term company strategy

Data created and used by analysts

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Return On Investment (ROI)

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Number of clicks, posts, likes

Conversion rates

Organic search

Return on marketing/advertising spend

Sentiment Analysis

Page Views


Generate Pioneering Superstore Dashboards For Your Business

Allow us to understand your business intelligence needs and we will build a Superstore Tableau Dashboard customized to suit your demands.

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