This insurance dashboard represents data of an insurance company in the United States. This interactive and comprehensive dashboard includes a state-wise report of all customers, premium accounts, claimed accounts, and also displays gauge chart to represent progress toward annual target.

Insurance companies can also see customers by age group along with gender percentage, policy type, and years. They can also compare yearly status and observe the time taken for different types of claim settlements.

The annual premium vs claim vs profit analysis displays the company’s overall progress. It also shows how many claims are open and closed. The month-wise claim section with description and count allows insurance companies to access granular data, helping mid-management to identify opportunities and weaknesses.

This information-rich dashboard offers an at-a-glance view to help ease the decision-making process, formulate growth strategies, and extract insights based on the data.

Note: This is Tableau Data Representation for insurance companies.

Industry: Insurance

Disclaimer: The data, characters and brand names depicted in the visualizations are for demo purposes only. Any resemblance to actual data, or to brand names, is purely coincidental.