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What Is CMO Dashboard?

An insightful CMO dashboard offers a high-level view of the digital marketing information as needed by the users. It assists you in tracking KPIs across different digital marketing tools and offers real-time information through a unified dashboard.

The CMO dashboard includes metrics for SEO, social media acquisitions, conversions through emails/ ads/organic ads, social media presence, website reports, testimonials, etc. It saves time and money by extracting data directly from relevant data platforms and making it available for better decision-making.

This CMO marketing dashboard overviews total revenue, marketing spending, cost per acquisition based on campaigns, and ROI. It offers a holistic view into new and repeats customers daily, average order values based on channels, marketing sales target, and sales achieved comparison. It also provides a glimpse into the details of Social Media Marketing by tracking website performance on social media and Product Review Analysis.

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CMO Dashboard To Monitor Marketing Strategy Effectiveness

See the big picture of your marketing initiatives through this comprehensive reporting tool, facilitate tracking of CMO metrics and key performance indicators through this unified dashboard.

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This CMO marketing dashboard is aimed at assisting Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) to monitor and manage a variety of marketing facets such as performance visibility, sales and revenue forecasting, real-time client information, inventory control, business decision-making with actionable insights.


Drill-down functions to get comprehensive insights for superior strategies

Visually appealing and enriched dashboard for directors and CMOs

Visualization, tracking, and reporting of crucial marketing metrics


Marketing team

Marketing director


Board of directors


Marketing Analysts/Managers


Total revenue

Total marketing spends

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Return On Investment (ROI)

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Number of clicks, posts, likes

Conversion rates

Organic search

Return on marketing/advertising spend

Sentiment Analysis

Page Views


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