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What Is CFO Dashboard?

The CFO dashboard houses visual KPIs that help financial officers make data-driven decisions based on a broad range of financial information available. With a panoramic view of all the financial measures such as net profit, revenue, current ratio, COGS, EBITDA, working capital, quick ratio, and cash flow, this dashboard serves as a central repository for all insights.

Using this financial dashboard, CFOs can see year wise financial performance of the company, access financial and fiscal informationrevenue by geographic location, revenue vs profit vs COGS, Net profit vs Gross profit, and so on.

It includes year-wise performance, revenue by location, movement in assets, comprehensive details of cash flow with categories, consolidated actual vs forecasted cash positions, and many more details. With the easy-to-understand visualization, it helps CFOs create some meaningful strategies and set financial goals to be achieved.

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Main Features

Total revenue, current ratios, quick ratio, and COGS( Cost of Goods Sold) value displayed in graph charts

Real-time values showing current assets, liabilities, gross & net profit, capital, and EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization)

Revenue by states with outliers highlighted in different colors using Map View.

Measure month-wise movements in Working Capital, Current Asset, Current Liabilities, and EBITDA by selecting a value from the dropdown

Compare Revenue vs Profit vs COGS to see the profit margin and revenue with the highest profit and lowest values month-wise

The current vs quick ratio movement displays liquidity ratios that help financial analysts measure a company’s ability to meet financial goals

Net profit vs Gross profit is displayed in a bar and line graph to gauge actual profit for each month

Cash flow dashboard to track cash flow movements of the company with every spending, income, and cash

Monitor the company’s inflow, operating cash, and net investing cash flow performance over a period of time

Account payable and receivable through pie chart helps get insights into short-term liabilities and expected funds

Track cash flow operations by categories and adjust your view by selecting the year value from the top right corner of the view

Determine whether the actual value meets the forecasted values or not for cash positions along with monthly data points


Financial Dashboard To Monitor Business Health

Centralize all financial data to monitor trends, oversee financial parameters, and get real-time, actionable insights to strengthen the financial performance of your company.

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This CFO financial dashboard is designed with all the important finance KPIs in one place to help chief financial officers (CFO) monitor the financial overview of the company and overall performance. You can track parameters such as revenue, profit, cash flow, COGS, capital, and comparisons between them.


Drill-down functions to get detailed insights for better strategies

Visually appealing and data-rich dashboard for directors and CFOs

Visualize, track, and report on critical financial metrics



Finance director

Finance team

Board of directors


Financial Analysts

Financial Managers


Revenue by State

Movement in Current assets

Revenue vs Profit Vs COG

Current Vs Quick Ratio Movement

Net vs Gross Profit

Operating cash inflow and outflow

Account Payable and Receivable Turnover

Cash flow from operations by Categories

Consolidated Actual and Forecast Cash Positions


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