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Our Power BI Consulting Services

Data drives today’s digital-driven businesses and is considered as an asset to strengthening a data-driven decision-making process. Our business intelligence services, including Microsoft’s Power BI, a powerful business analytics tool, offer a platform to collect, analyze, and visualize data through attractive visualization and interactive reports, empowering businesses to boost profitability and uncover insights. Our team helps clients implement Power BI, providing expert consulting and support services for customizing and optimizing the Microsoft Power BI platform. We specialize in creating data models, developing reports and dashboards, and providing insights and training to organizations, translating raw data into actionable analytics using Power BI.

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Power BI Reports & Dashboards

Get dashboards and reports telling a credible tale with SPEC INDIA. Hire Power BI developers to develop integrative dashboards or custom/pre-built visuals aligning with your data visualization requirements. We specialize in creating Power BI dashboards that transform and visualize data into interactive and visually appealing dashboards for decision-making, enhancing your ability to monitor, analyze, and share critical data in real-time. We also create paginated, embedded, enterprise-wide, or ad hoc reports to provide valuable insights.

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Power BI Advanced Analytics

Steer exponential business growth with analytical methodologies filtering data noise. Hire Power BI developers to achieve advanced analytics in Power BI. Our Power BI consultants would assist with predictive analysis, data modeling, quick insights, or real-time data analytics.


Power BI Strategy & Consultation

We have skilled power BI developers who craft proven data analysis strategies after realizing your unique data visual requirements to enable your business to have access to required data insights through reports and interactive dashboards for achieving long-time business goals.


Power BI Migration Services

Hire Power BI developers to get assuring of seamless transfer of business data from various business intelligence tools to Power BI without any data corruption or loss of data. Our Power BI developers would make sure that the data visualization is aligned with your requirements after migration.

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Power BI Implementation

Our highly skilled Power BI developers would plan, create, implement, and fine-tune Power BI solutions without impacting your current business analytics logic. We also ensure to customize the matrices to deliver desired data visualization requirements to drive a tangible data analytics experience.


Power BI Integration Services

Our Power BI developers provide a single view for all crucial data to the user by retrieving the unstructured data from multiple discrete sources for ease to get valuable data insights for the users. Further, we integrate these data analytics solutions in your existing apps or software.


Dedicated Power BI Consultants

Extend your team with experienced, passion, and talent by hiring Power BI developers from SPEC INDIA aligned with your time zone. Our team of dedicated power BI developers is apt to craft robust data analytics solutions aligned with your business growth objectives.


Power BI Customization

Meet each user or business objective of data visualization and analytics with custom interactive dashboards. Hire Power BI developers to get a customized detailed single view of your business insights for your managerial users. We enable businesses to take informed decisions through custom visuals.

BI Strategy Analytics

Talk To Our Power BI Consultant To Get A 360-Degree View Of Your Business

SPEC INDIA is one of the leading power BI services companies. It helps today’s businesses prepare for tomorrow by harnessing the power of data.

Our Power BI Consultant helps develop data-driven strategies that supply insights into critical areas, support your decision-making process, identify emerging trends, and unlock data’s hidden potential.

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We Are Among The Leading Power BI Consultants


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Benefits of Power BI Consulting Services

SPEC INDIA’s deep technology expertise and years of experience in Power BI consulting help organizations leverage the full Power BI capabilities, turning data into meaningful stories and enhancing data-driven decision-making. Our services on the Power BI platform include integration and customization, enabling businesses to translate raw data into accurate analytics insights and visualize actionable insights. With Power BI Premium, we ensure scalability, advanced AI, and simplified data management, empowering end users with self-service prep for big data. Our Power BI consulting services help organizations to derive insights based on data across the organization along with interactive reports and customized dashboards, utilizing the Power BI service for distributing and consuming reports and dashboards. This allows users to access them on any device, including mobile apps, and to share and collaborate on reports with other users using Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium licenses, ensuring substantial ROI from Power BI investments.

Enhanced Customer Experience01

Power BI consulting provides organizations with the ability to see data from various perspectives. With detailed reports and dashboards on customer service, staffing, sales, and operations, business intelligence software collects real-time data to be analyzed, interpreted, and used in decision-making.

Actionable Insights02

Business Intelligence tools collect data from multiple resources and monitor key performance indicators that offer a holistic view of your business. With powerful analytics and self-service BI, even non-technical users can interact with data and gain actionable insights to make informed decisions, quickly and safely.

Data-Driven Culture03

Data is an important asset for businesses. BI helps create a data-driven culture based on company-specific metrics and measures to make faster, more accurate, and rational decisions. Using business intelligence analytics, organizations can make data-driven decisions backed by factual and real-time information.

Better Decision-Making04

Visual representation of data is easy to digest and interpret. Business intelligence reporting enables companies to see all key performance indicators on a single page. BI tools deliver fast and accurate information with current, historical, and predictive views to make timely, faster, and smarter decisions.

Improved Operational Efficiency05

With powerful data visualization tools, businesses can spot trends, identify opportunities/risks, and get insights into inefficient processes and underperforming departments. This will help businesses to take action for resource optimizations and innovate new programs to accelerate growth.

Competitive Advantage06

Data helps organizations track business performance, get a 360-degree-view, and create a strategic roadmap based on all data sources. Business intelligence help businesses keep up with industry trends, deliver superior customer experience, and increase growth.


Hire Power BI Developer

Our team of Power BI consultants and BI Developers are capable of turning data into actionable insights by leveraging knowledge and years of experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

A power BI dashboard, also called a canvas, is a single page that presents all your data and reports. It is an entryway to all datasets and visualizations and is used for overall monitoring at a glance. Power BI Desktop plays a crucial role in this process, enabling the connection to data sources, transforming data into rich interactive Power BI dashboards, and automating time-consuming manual processes. It empowers end users by creating intuitive interactive visuals and uncovering hidden insights, making it an essential tool in creating and managing Power BI dashboards.

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that can be used for creating interactive visualizations from a variety of data sources in the cloud or on-premises.

If a new update is available from the official team, the Power BI app automatically updates itself to the latest version. You can also check the current version of your Power BI – go to File->Help->About. You can click on ‘Updates’ from ‘Options and Settings’ to get a notification when your app requires an update.

A Power BI report consists of a single visual or pages with many visuals. It showcases a multi-perspective view of a dataset with different findings and insights.

Paginated reports are pixel-perfect, well-formatted, and meant to be shared or printed. They are designed to fit well on a page.

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a library of functions, operators, and constants that can be used in formulas, expressions, and calculations in Power BI.

A Power BI Slicer can be used to sort and filter data in a table or Pivot Table. Slicers are a type of on-canvas visual filter.

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