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Power BI Consultant: An Exhaustive Guidebook


April 20, 2023


March 19th, 2024

Organizations worldwide have recently adopted business intelligence services and solutions as indispensable ingredients for their business success. When we talk about business intelligence, the one obvious choice that comes to our mind is Microsoft Power BI. Power BI has been a preferred choice for garnering actionable insights and making data-driven decisions for business agility and growth.

Power BI consultants are in high demand today owing to their salient features that help generate self-service analytical reports and dashboards. Microsoft Power BI consulting services have been carving a niche through skilled Power BI consultant resources.

Newer opportunities, roles, and responsibilities are being defined for Microsoft Power BI consultants. Through this comprehensive article, it will be interesting to read through everything about a Power BI consultant, how to become a Power BI consultant, their roles, responsibilities, skills, and salary.

Power BI Consulting Services: An Overview

Microsoft Power BI is a robust BI solution that has assisted organizations in making meaningful decisions by associating with the bulk of data from disparate sources. Users can effectively visualize and perceive complicated data sets and attain maximum value.

With salient features such as interactive dashboards, data modeling, and interactive reporting, Power BI consulting has been considered ideal for massive data analytical sets.

Organizations are hiring Power BI consultants to implement Power Query, Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), and data visualizations in their projects to gain an in-depth view of their business information.

As you start working with a Microsoft Power BI consultant, you will find them highly professional, well-trained, and equipped with technical knowledge of Power BI.

Power BI consulting services focus on offering a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality and an import facility for better analytics. As a collaborative and cloud-based tool, it provides data models, ML models, and relationships with complete data security and sharing.

A skilled Power BI consultant focuses on data sharing with organizations, offering a 360-degree view of the entire business’s functioning through visually appealing dashboards and reports.

There is a blend of services, frameworks, apps, and software that collect data from varied sources and transform them into useful information. All the key metrics are operated upon from a unified place with real-time access and all types of devices.

Power BI consulting has different solutions, such as Power BI Desktop/Online, Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium, Power BI Mobile, and Power BI Embedded.

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Prominent Power BI Consulting Services Include:

  • Power BI Planning and Consultation
  • Power BI Designing, Data Visualization & Reports
  • Power BI Advanced Analytics
  • Power BI Development and Implementation
  • Power BI Integration Services
  • Power BI QA, Training & Managed Support
  • Hire Dedicated Power BI Developers
  • Power BI Governance and Implementation
  • Power BI Migration


What Does a Power BI Consultant Do?

A Power BI consultant is a technical expert who is well-versed in business intelligence solutions and all nuances of Microsoft Power BI and its associated technicalities.

Power BI consultants assist organizations in augmenting their business processes, decisions, efficacy, and data strategies. They undergo detailed analysis and define a detailed BI roadmap for further action aligned with the organizational goals and business requirements.

Power BI consultants are responsible for creating innovative data analysis policies to enhance data model implementation and analytics methods.

They work on creating various analytical reports and dashboards that can be delivered to the top management for better decision-making.

They follow company standards, regular norms, and regulations, aligning their work continuously with organizational needs, whether a new requirement or redoing existing ones.

With thorough data administration, the Power BI consultants transform raw data into meaningful and valuable insights that can help spot trends and patterns.

How to Become a Power BI Consultant?

Becoming a Power BI consultant is a hot topic today. But many are still confused about how to do it.

Here are the crucial steps that must be taken care of:

  • Understand your data analytics concepts well to leverage them in your reports
  • Perceive the technical aspects of Power BI, web development, and programming through online material and books
  • Get known to Data Analysis and Modeling (DAX) language for data source management
  • Understand data integration methodologies and different sources of data
  • Learn the Power BI architecture and components through tutorials, online materials, videos, and learning material
  • Sharpen your data presentation skills by learning different visualization capabilities

Power BI Consultant: Roles and Responsibilities

As a Microsoft Power BI consultant, some specific roles and responsibilities must be adhered to; here are they:

  • Perceive business requirements and design data models based on raw data
  • Create visually appealing and interactive dashboards and operational reports
  • Identify KPIs with definite goals and use historical data for decisions
  • Make data documentation based on data algorithms and models
  • Execute DAX queries and functions
  • SQL querying for accurate output
  • Creation of custom charts and graphs based on filters, algorithms, models, parameters
  • Experience in MS SQL Server BI tools, SSRS, Power Query, MDX, DAX, Power BI, T-SQL
  • Understanding of multidimensional database design, relational database design, etc.
  • Creating predictive models and machine learning algorithms
  • Performing big data analytics for the identification of patterns and trends
  • Data extraction, data visualization, multidimensional data models, data warehousing
  • Development and administration of related tools and technologies
  • Design, create, and implement Power BI scripts with detailed analytics
  • Offer continual support and maintenance for accurate and effective dashboards
  • Analyse existing ETL processes and design newer systems
  • Working with SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and data warehousing concepts
  • Getting well with team members at all levels for the best performance

Power BI Consultant: Key Skills Involved

Specific essential Power, BI consultant skills, must be demonstrated whenever you are looking for practical resources in Power BI consulting services, without which it is challenging to get the best from the technology stack. Here are the critical skills needed:

Technical Skills:

  • Experience with Microsoft BI tools, technologies, and systems
  • Implement row-level data security protocols, write DAX expressions
  • Knowledge of scripting languages like Python, R
  • Known to data modeling, SQL querying, OLAP
  • Power Pivot, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS
  • Robust understanding of SQL, Excel, PPT, and database connections
  • Developing dashboards, reports, and KPI scorecards with Power BI tools
  • Conversion of data into visually appealing visuals and dashboards/report
  •  Preparation of tabular and multidimensional models
  • Knowledge of secondary tools like Azure Databricks, SAP, SQL data warehouse, etc.
  • Embedded analytics through Power BI services
  • Expertise in ETL and data analytics techniques
  • Advanced-level data computations on different datasets
  • Competence to execute DAX queries on Power BI Desktop
  • Software development skills
  • Database design, maintenance, querying
  • Data mart development and data warehousing
  • Dashboard UI/UXX and analytics
  • Reporting formats like matrix, charts, graphics, tabular, etc.
  • Dimensional modeling expertise
  • Web development methodologies and technologies
  • JSON query language, REST services
  • Complex SQL query building and execution
  • Agile/Scrum experience

Soft Skills:

  • Analytical thinking, problem-solving, and business understanding skills
  • Strong communication, multitasking, and verbal skills
  • Competence to work in a complex environment
  • Strong customer management skills
  • Ability to learn and respond quickly to changing needs
  • Best practices in development and design
  • Interpersonal and self-motivational skills
  • Application of knowledge and experience to solutions
  • Team leadership and pioneering skills

Power BI Consultant Salary:

Looking at the increasing popularity of Power BI consulting services, the Power BI consultant salary is seeing no boundaries. Though many parameters are involved, there is a lot of scope and demand for Power BI consultants. Here is a sneak peek at what they are getting around the globe:

The average Power BI consultant salary in the USA is $112,313 per year or $54 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $91,725 per year while most experienced workers make up to $141,375 per year.

The national average salary for a Power BI Consultant is ₹6,53,957 in India.

The average annual salary for Power BI Developer jobs in Melbourne ranges from $115,000 to $135,000.

The average salary for a Business Intelligence Consultant with Microsoft Power BI skills in the United Kingdom is £44895.

The average salary for Power BI Developer in Germany is 63.000 EUR per year, while the median salary is 60.000 EUR per year.

Power BI Consultant: Final Thoughts

Our Power BI consulting services propose comprehensive business intelligence solutions using Power BI, including dashboards, data management from several sources, reporting, custom visualization, and unconventional analytics through one single platform.

Our experienced Power BI consultants help build data-driven strategies that supply insights into critical areas, establish your decision-making procedure, detect emerging trends, and unlock the hidden potential of data.

SPEC INDIA’s deep technology proficiency in Power BI consulting assists organizations in garnering more significant results in data management, modeling, data reporting, and analysis. Our Power BI consultants derive insights from data across the organization, interactive reports, and customized dashboards.

Hire a Power BI developer from SPEC INDIA since our team of Power BI consultants and BI developers can turn data into actionable insights by leveraging knowledge and years of experience. Contact us for any Power BI consulting or hiring services. We will be glad to assist.

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