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Dashboard Overview

CEO dashboard gives a quick overview of all high-level organizational information and acts as a window into perceiving day-to-day activities and business growth. For CEOs, it is a crucial medium to garner quick visibility into business operations.

Based on critical business areas like revenue, inventory, profit, downtime, orders, and performance, this CEO dashboard in Power BI is categorized into the 6 sections that comprise the main screen. There are two themes available that can be changed based on choice – the day theme and the night theme.

Live CEO Dashboard

CEO Dashboard Features


Monthly revenue earned in the current year and previous year is displayed as a double bar chart. You can scroll through the months horizontally and as you click on a particular month; the entire chart data will change data accordingly. As you hover over the months, you can see the monthly revenue figures. Actual revenue, target revenue, and annual recurring revenue are also displayed, and an appropriate sign is indicated as the actual vs target revenue is compared.


A line graph indicating month-wise average inventory days in stock is shown. It shows the cumulative average inventory cost, percentage increase/decrease in turnover ratio, and gross margin ROI figures.


Brand-wise profit is shown as a pie chart, with the brand name and figure being displayed as you hover over the colored part. It shows an aggregate figure of gross profit margin, cost of goods sold, and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.


Downtime based on different factors that caused the outage is displayed. It displays the aggregate figures of unscheduled downtime out of the total number of outage hours, average failure ratio, and mean time to repair.


A line graph indicating the number of orders received, month-wise is displayed at the bottom of the page. You need to hover over the month, to view the quantity. It indicates the percentage rate of return and the approximate cost per order. If any promotion is being applied, the name is displayed here.

HR/Employee Top Performers

Top male and female performers are indicated, with their name, photograph, and respective star ratings. Average absenteeism rate, employee retention rate percentage, and total full-time employees are also displayed.


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Leadership Team


Sales Team

Marketing Team


Net profit


Total revenue and sales targets

Employee engagement

HR/Employee Data


Revenues and revenue growth rate



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