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Dashboard Overview

The Power BI dashboard possesses valuable features that monitor the access to rows and applies controls, based on user rights and verification. Individual security roles and role-based filters can be specified within the dashboard, to guarantee successful row-level security.

This dashboard contains 4 screens that display in-depth details related to employee productive/unproductive/neutral time, project and application-wise time tracking, along with a selection of particular time periods.

This time tracking software helps in enhancing organization performance, arriving at better and faster decisions, improved accountability, estimation, and delivery.

Live Dashboard

Main Features

Time Tracker Overview Screen

It showcases valuable information for productive/unproductive/neutral time of employees in a defined time period, top 5 applications by productive time along with interval and total time spent by hovering on the application, bottom level employees who have spent productivity time below 8 hours with their average productive time, productive time by interval indicating the productive time in the specific 1-hour interval.

Employee Productivity Time Tracking

It depicts the average productive time of an employee with a comparison of the month to current date, current and previous day productive time for a particular period. It indicates a green color when productivity is above 85% and red when it is below 85%.

Application Wise Time Tracking

View employees’ arrival and exit time along with total break time, total time at the desk, time spent with applications, neutral and unproductive time, and overall productivity percentage for a selected time range.

Project Wise Time Tracking

This dashboard displays project and task-wise time taken/spent for a particular date range or a specific month. Users can drill down on the details of the total time taken by the project to see task details along with time spent on it.


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