This social media dashboard represents the analysis of social media performance for various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With this simple, comprehensive, and informative social media dashboard, an analyst can drill down data for audience sentiment analysis, understand the latest trends, and popularity of topics. This overall helps to reach the target audience and better goal conversions.


Facebook dashboard includes a performance report of the Ad/Marketing campaign with various metrics that help uncover hidden insights. An analyst can switch between page level and post level data and also select month and year from the period selector. By simply hovering over the post type, users can see likes, comments, shares of that post.

It also includes impressions and engagement rate by day, likes by gender, age, and country.


Twitter analytics dashboard includes various metrics such as impressions, tweets, retweets, replies, and engagement rate. Users can see a summary of the posts and also tweet details by using toggle button at the top right corner. An analyst can also compare multiple measures within a single visual in the Twitter Summary dashboard.


LinkedIn report displays data such as new followers, clicks, engagement rate, CTR, visitors’ information, top posts, and visitors by location. End-user can select followers/visitors according to company size, seniority, job title, and location. By hovering over the country location, an analyst can see the top 5 cities by visitors/followers.

Social media plays a pivotal part in business expansion by helping businesses improve customer engagement and increase brand awareness. This user-friendly social media analytics is more than just a statistical view and helps grow the customer base.

Disclaimer: The data, characters and brand names depicted in the visualizations are for demo purposes only. Any resemblance to actual data, or to brand names, is purely coincidental.