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Project Overview

This crowdfunding trivia app is an innovative social cause app which helps students to pay off their student loan, debt or mortgages with ease. This trivia game keeps the excitement level high by giving out the daily cash prizes to the players. The team can score more and pay their debts by answering simple questions and by collecting coins.  The cash prize earned by the team is equally distributed between them.

With this app, the students can grab the opportunity to get entry into the next drawing by spinning the wheel which comes after every ad.  The app generates income through advertising, sponsorship etc. and make sure that money earned is used for the intended purpose.

Core Features

Entertaining questions for all categories of interest

No Brain scratching; just answer in true/false

Provides learning experience

Supportive community

Play for yourself/your family/friend/co-worker or someone you don’t even know

Gives the chance to pay student loan/debt/ mortgage faster

User-friendly interface

Simple and Highly addictive app

Highly secured as payments are done via PayPal/Braintree


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