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Project Overview

The project is for a client who is a popular global design organization located in the USA, with branches all over the globe. They have a team of designers, engineers, teachers, and researchers who look at creating change through design, by building learning platforms and tools to unlock creativity. They create human-centered inventions, services, spaces, and associations that empower groups, cities, and even countries.

The client was keen to introduce easy-to-use applications for their task force, that can be easily accessed from any device, anywhere, and by any third-party application.

The challenge was to write the seamless integration between the two third-party applications – Expensify, a spend management software for receipts and expenses, and D365 – Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Looking at the challenges faced by the client, SPEC INDIA followed a well-defined process that managed and implemented the integration of the two applications through AWS Lambda.

Key Components
  • Writing integration between Expensify and D365 to sync Expensify data with D365

Core Features

Our team built the integration of Expensify and D365 in AWS Lambda and scheduled it in AWS at defined intervals. The Expensify application was introduced as an expense management application, through which people could easily log their expenses from anywhere and later use it for invoicing or reporting purposes.

Key Inclusions

Easy-to-use interfaces between systems

Competence to access systems from anywhere, anytime, from any device

Technologies And Platform We Use

AWS Lambda
S3 Bucket

Business Benefits

Our solution enabled the business to achieve the following benefits:

Effective logging of expenses

Reimbursement in the next billing cycle

Enhanced monitoring and management of expenses

Improved user experience

Smooth and effective business process execution

Robust reporting features


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