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Project Overview

The project is for a client who is a popular global design organization located in the USA, with branches all over the globe. They have a team of designers, engineers, teachers, and researchers who look at creating change through design, by building learning platforms and tools to unlock creativity. They create human-centered inventions, services, spaces, and associations that empower groups, cities, and even countries.

The client was keen to migrate all their systems onto a single unified enterprise application with the latest technologies, for better management and maintenance. The chosen unified solution was Workday – a best-in-class application for finance, HR, and more.

There were a few challenges that were sorted:

  • Workday API’s complex & large XML responses
  • Client needing reusable & dynamic code to reduce development efforts
  • Shutting down multiple applications and migrating to Workday using Big Bang approach without impacting business & users
  • Workday integrations
  • New technology (PySpark & Workday’s inbuilt XXLT code base)


Looking at the challenges faced by the client, SPEC INDIA defined four teams.

  • Data migration team for carrying out data migration activities – pulling data from Power BI reports, converting them into workday-acceptable formats, and sending data to workday.
  • Data integration team taking care of all Workday-to-Workday integrations & third-party to Workday integrations. All these integrations to be built in Workday Studio and keep running at defined intervals.
  • ETL team taking care of pulling data from Workday, transforming & processing data, and sending processed data to a data warehouse for reporting purposes. Most of the ETL development is done in Azure Databricks and scheduled in Azure Data Factory.
  • Reporting team to generate Power BI reports for Biz Ops and other stakeholders.

The project was to replace third-party applications (from different vendors & for different purposes) with one enterprise application (Workday).  The client was using different SaaS-based applications for HR, Finance, Project & CRM modules which was bit costly and required more support efforts and cost.

Key Components
  • Data migration from legacy applications to Workday
  • Explore Workday’s public web API to send & receive Workday data
  • Migrate legacy applications code (from U-SQL) to Databricks (PySpark)
  • Write Workday integrations to sync data within systems
  • Retrieve & process Workday data (HR, Project & Finance data) in Azure Databricks through PySpark technology
  • Create Power BI reports from processed Workday data for BizOps people
unified application-screen

Core Features

We got legacy data from Power BI models for data migration activities, migrated to Databricks for faster processing of data, Python & PySpark technologies for data extraction and processing, Workday Studio for integrations and Power BI for reporting. We approached Azure as a cloud platform.

Key Inclusions

Workday - Human Resource
Worker Personal & Contact Information
Worker Compensation Data
Worker Job Information
Worker Leaves & Time off
Worker Costing Allocations
Worker Utilization & Availability

Workday - Project
Project Details
Project Hierarchy
Project Plan & Tasks
Resource Forecast
Resource Plan
Customer Contracts
Project Revenues Lines & Schedules
Project Role Assignments

Workday - Finance
Journals & Journal Entries
Journal Budgets
Currency Conversion Rates
Expense Items
Supplier Invoices
Account Sets
Journal Sources

Technologies And Platform We Use

Data Factory
Workday Studio-logo
Workday Studio
Databricks CL-logo
Databricks CLI

Business Benefits

Our solution enabled the business to achieve the following benefits:

Reduced application cost

Reduced support efforts and cost

One application for all data

Latest technologies & platform

Less maintenance & support

Improved user experience

Smooth and effective business process execution

Robust reporting features


Are There Multiple Systems You Wish to Integrate into One?

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