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Sales Force Automation – An Overview

What Is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation (SFA) refers to the systems that automate sales activities and processes for sales professionals. It is one foundational software for organizations to manage and track all sales interactions and administrative activities between sales teams and customers. The primary aim of the Sales Force Automation System is to automate certain repetitive and time-consuming everyday tasks of the sales team.

SPEC INDIA’s flagship Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution, ZooM, is focused on mobilizing and automating the routine activities of the sales force, customer executives, and field representatives who are on the move. It is exclusively designed to consider every important aspect of the sales activities and sales force management functions. This end-to-end mobile sales force automation software help businesses boost productivity and increase RoI by automating processes even while your sales team is on the field. This SFA Solution is tightly coupled with back-office and thereby offers reliable, secure, and real-time information exchange and easy accessibility of business-critical information at just a few fingertips.

Major Components Of Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution
  • Pre-sales & Order Taking
  • Direct Sales/Van Sales Automation
  • Marketing & BTL Activities
  • Customized Survey/Feedback

Our Mobile Sales Force Automation solution – ZooM can be deployed on Android OS compatible Smart Phones/Tablets, and HTML 5.0 browser-compatible mobile handsets. It offers connectivity to the back office through GPRS, 3G mobile internet, Wi-Fi, or Blue tooth (for slip printing). It can be easily configurable to add an email integration, bar code scanner, push notifications, and SMS integration.

This SFA solution allows organizations to gain complete control over the entire sales journey from order to sales management and reporting. SPEC India’s uniquely built mobile sales force automation solution includes sales activity management, order management, analytics, sales route management, feedback, invoice & inventory management, and much more.

Allow your team to be more productive, agile, and efficient by using sales force automation software that is easily customizable, flexible, and easy to use. It helps you manage your sales pipeline anywhere and anytime and provides teams with analytics that can be leveraged for further opportunities.

Features Of Sales Force Automation
  • Route Planning Activities
  • Client management
  • Cross-platform and online/offline mode support
  • Flexible to meet customized requirements
  • Enforced Start of Day (time stamping and geotagging)
  • End-Day activities: unserved reasons, expense details, collection and deposition details, etc.
  • Help to sell features: Suggested Order, last n transactions, outstanding invoices, etc.
  • Simplistic data management and accessibility
  • Data synchronization through GPRS ⁄ EDGE ⁄ 3G ⁄ WiFi
  • Third-party/legacy system integration
  • Real-time/Near Real-time information sharing
  • Custom questionnaire and survey
  • Language localization and currency configuration
  • Sustenance for manifold Bluetooth printers, E-Mail/SMS Integration, and Bar Code Scanning

Moreover, our recently updated features include Power BI embedded reports, Order and Sales Performance, customer churn, suggested items and item recommendation, chatbot integration, Market basket analysis dashboard, salesman scorecard, customer sales summary, and so on. Our Mobile Sales Force Automation provides continuous enhancements and customization that will help organizations achieve their sales target easily.


Enterprise Users


Total Transactions






Orders Processed

Sales Force Automation – An Overview

Automated Field Force Activities

Management, planning and execution of complete sales routine

BI Analytics & Reports

Ad-hoc logical reports driven by Pentaho Saiku tool

Order taking to Invoicing

Secondary order administration, invoice management, on the go printing

Van Sales Automation

Stock Management in van and mobile, invoicing in real-time

Apply Deals & Promotions

Deals & Promotions on products with performance perceptibility

Field Force Attendance Registration

Real time mobile built attendance tracking

Sales Route Management

Geo Fencing route and handling sales executive operations


Applying customer feedback for higher success ratios

Key Advantages Of Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution

Attain 40% – 50% Swifter RoI
End-to-end Field Force Automation
Upsurge Sales Team Efficacy by 50%
Niftier Client Visions for Field Force
Precise Sales Data Perceptibility
Live Tracking of Field Happenings
Growth in Customer Touch Time and Fulfilment
Higher Market Reach with Finest Sales Staff
Striking Business Models to Fit Small and Large Enterprises
Integration with Email / SMS / Bluetooth Printer
Completely Customizable Field Force Automation Solution
Third Party Integration with SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics etc.


Unleash the Potential of Business Intelligence with our BI Developers Showcasing Technically Superior Skills



Why SPEC INDIA For Sales Force Automation System?

Operational Benefits

  • Enhanced tracking of field sales visits
  • Reduced cost and response time between field staff and back office
  • Timely information exchange with field staff
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Competitive advantage in cost, revenue, and time
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Accurate sales forecast with powerful analytics
  • Less human errors and quick response time

Managerial Benefits

  • Enhanced productivity with increased order booking by 30+%
  • Increase in sales revenue and market share
  • Speedy and precise updates to management from the field force
  • Upsurge customer touch time and satisfaction
  • Significant reduction in sales administrative time
  • Effective management of inventory and resources
  • Better engagement and collaboration with sales force
  • Real-time performance, deals, and workflow management
  • Powerful analytics to get a 360-degree view of your business
  • Reduced work hours through automated sales activities

IT Benefits

  • Suitable to small, medium, and large enterprises
  • Work with low bandwidth
  • A hassle-free way to manage data and transactions
  • Easily integrated with third-party apps and platforms
  • Flexible, customizable, and secure SFA Solution
  • Good user experience with smooth navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of sales force automation is to automate administrative and repetitive tasks associated with the sales process. This enables the sales team to focus on growing sales rather than being occupied with streamlining their sales operations.

The primary functions of sales force automation are – account management, order management, sales visualization, sales route management, Geo attendance, customer management, and deals & promotion management.

Sales force automation software refers to the software apps that automate redundant, everyday activities related to sales and sales force functions. These SFA systems are often combined with CRM to increase sales productivity and improve customer experience.

Mobile sales force automation refers to the use of mobile apps and mobile-first technologies to connect and work anytime, anywhere. Mobile sales force automation helps organizations make their sales processes faster, smarter, and flawless.

SFA focuses on automating sales activities and managing sales with existing clients and prospects while CRM is all about managing customer relationships to improve customer experience.

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