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Laundry And Dry-Cleaning Management Software To Take Your Business To The Next Level

SPEC INDIA’s laundry management software aims at simplifying and automating the day-to-day operations of the laundry and dry cleaning business.

From garment pick up via the app, labeling clothes with barcodes, processing garments in the factory, laundry PoS, to delivery at customers’ doorsteps, this LMS covers everything whether you are running a single outlet or multi-store laundry business.

This integrated and comprehensive laundry software can be used by dry cleaners, laundry business owners, customers, and delivery-pick up agents. SPEC INDIA’s modern dry cleaning POS system consists of major modules such as user management, order management, store management, inventory control, and pickup-delivery management.

The fundamental objective of laundry management is to overcome the challenges of laundry firms by establishing an automated environment for laundry operations. This includes taking orders, maintaining records, scheduling delivery & pickup, and managing payment. The goal of laundry system software is to increase operational efficiency, lower cost, improve productivity, and effectively manage data throughout the system.

SPEC INDIA has designed and developed dry cleaning software for two leading laundry service providers. Laundry firms and dry cleaners currently use a manual system that ultimately leads to inconsistency, delayed deliveries, customer dissatisfaction, and improper data management. The proposed system seeks to address challenges in existing software for the dry cleaning business in a more convenient, timely, and efficient manner.




Customer Served


Order Processed Annually


Garments Processed Annually

The Workflow Of The Laundry Management System

  • Customers place an order from a mobile app
  • Partial or full payment based on orders
  • Delivery agents pick up garments (from the store, home, or organization)
  • Garments are sent to factories from store
  • Garments scanned and barcoded
  • Laundry process in a factory
  • Sorting, packaging, and delivery

Key Benefits Of SPEC India’s Laundry Software

  • Best, affordable, and modern Point of Sale system
  • Barcode-enabled garment tracking
  • Secure, flexible, and reliable payment process
  • Easy and quick customer profile creation
  • Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interfaces
  • Powerful, information-rich reports
  • Real-time data from all locations
  • Guaranteed increase in customer engagement
  • Control all your stores from a single point
  • Reduced admin workload
  • Highly customizable, scalable, and flexible software
  • Access anytime, from anywhere
  • Cost-effective, integrated, and result-driven system
  • Cross-platform support
  • Facilitate faster, in-time laundry delivery
  • Maximize ROI effortlessly
  • Barcode-enabled garment tracking
  • Advanced marketing strategies to attract customers
  • Security controls at every level
  • Improved productivity and customer satisfaction

Seamless And Secure Laundry Management Software For All Your Laundry Needs

  • Create pickup requests
  • Manage addresses and payment mode
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Wallet balance and customer profile
  • View and apply promo codes, offers
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • Secure payment options
  • Refund/complaint solution
  • Order summary with approx. cost
  • Pickup request auto-assignment based on location
  • Payment management through PoS system
  • GPS-based store allotment (nearest store)
  • Detailed entry to the system (clothes, garment type, material photo, and selected laundry service)
  • Garment pickup/ reschedule date and time
  • Store dashboard with all real-time information
  • Managing orders pending for pick-up/payment collection
  • Garments ready for pick-up/drop-offs with time
  • Biometric store attendance
  • Store in/out – gate pass creation
  • Customer consent for defect/broken/wear & tear/color-faded garment
  • Quality assurance through rewash/refund
  • Garment barcode scanning
  • Garment wash processing
  • The garment in/out statistics
  • Average daily garments processed v/s sent for processing
  • Missing garments/due for delivery alerts (1 day prior)
  • Quality assurance (wash approved/send for rewash)
  • Challan generation for orders
  • Garment out – packaging/delivery to store
  • Garment inventory
  • Customer management
  • Overall system security settings
  • Promo code/offer configuration
  • Assign user access level
  • Order Management (view/update/alert)
  • Refund Issue/Wallet Balance
  • Complain/Grievance solution
  • Pricing and garments management
  • Payment conciliation
  • User profile management
  • Store management with multiple branches

Why SPEC India For Laundry Management System?


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Our laundry management system manages your entire day-to-day operations, starting with order receipt, clothing tagging, discount and price computation, washing, packing, invoicing, and payments. Contact us for the best laundry management software.

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