Why JavaScript Should Be Your Technology For Startups?


February 14, 2019


December 20th, 2022

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

– Thomas Edison, General Electric Co-founder

This applies to every aspiring entrepreneur. But to our surprise, 90% of startups fail.

CBInsights have published one research paper on why startups fail based on analysis of 101 startup postmortems. They have found the top 20 reasons behind the startups’ failure including product-market fit, funding, competition, cost issues, lack of a right team, unfriendly product, and so on.

Breaking down the reasons for failure, one thing is common that very less importance is given on user research and user experience. At early stages of startups, user experience, cost-effectiveness, and team support are as equally important as your idea.

Alongside those factors, how well you manage the budget and when you go public matter a lot too.

We agree, at present, entrepreneurs seem to be turning their mindset from idea-centric to user-centric. They seem to be choosing cost-effectiveness technology stacks like JavaScript that can lead them to success.

For those who are not aware of JavaScript, let us give a brief idea.

JavaScript is known as the language of the browser but it is much more than it now. It dominates the front-end development with its fresh approach, constant evolvement, and speed.


What JavaScript Can Do? And Why Startups Are Relying On JavaScript Frameworks?

JavaScript is everywhere and universal. The benefits of choosing JavaScript for startups are:

  • Modern, enhanced UI without costing much
  • Powerful security aspects due to its wider usage in front-end as well as in back-end programming
  • Constantly evolving due to the open-source community
  • Fewer dependencies, flexibility, and incredibly-faster performance
  • Runs on the majority of the platforms(app, web, mobile web, PWA, and desktop)
Apart From The Mobile, Web, And Desktops, JavaScript Can Accomplish The Following Types Of Applications:
  • Chatbots and AI
  • Gaming applications
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT and Robots

The wrong choice of tech stack often leads you to the mismanagement, idea failure, and improper strategy to scale the idea. For example, Orkut failed due to improper product management and old technologies to keep it running while Facebook is thriving by using modern technologies with rich UI.

Whether you are an entrepreneur planning a successful online business, thought to enhance an existing one, or just landed here to expand your knowledge base, this post will certainly help.

This Post Is An Answer To The Following Questions.

  • Why companies are opting for Javascript?
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We are captivated by the popularity of JavaScript and the rising number of startups across the globe and that’s why we chose the ultimate blend of JavaScript and Startup on this Valentine’s Day.

This duo – Startup and JavaScript technologies share a wonderful bond and we want you to leverage that if you are about to convert your idea into reality in 2019.

JavaScript Technologies And Startup: Makes The World Go Round


JavaScript is always in changing mode.

We have seen many frameworks, libraries, languages, and tools being added frequently. JavaScript is one of the programming languages that have evolved to a greater extent so far. But, sometimes this advancement causes trouble of choosing the best among many as there are a large number of choices available.

The 2018 Stack overflow Survey mentioned JavaScript on the top of the most popular technologies list.

GitHub’s Octoverse infographic found JavaScript with a consistent top position in the chart of top languages over time.


Undoubtedly, we can say that JavaScript is here to stay.

Considering the startup world, the startup economy also has observed ups and downs over the past few years. Useful and sustainable ideas won over the innovative ones that were capable to stay only for a shorter period of time.

Idea matters and so does the choice of technology.

You will find a huge number of articles discussing features, statistics, advantages, and disadvantages of one over others. That’s not new. The matter of fact is they are favoring one particular framework, tool, or a language.

Our aim is to guide you through the current market trends and help you identify sustainable yet cost-effective technology solutions for your startups.

As JavaScript ranks high in the list of most-used programming languages and considered as a preferable choice for web presence consistently over the years, the startup world is looking forward to sustainable, modern, and effective solutions using JavaScript.

Here Are Some JavaScript Frameworks That Have Kept The Tech World Going In The Last Year:
  • React (JS)
  • Angular (Angular 2+ or Angular 2)
  • Vue.js
  • Node.JS
  • Ember.js
  • Express.js or Express

ReactJS: Think Of Stellar Native Performance, Think Of ReactJS

Last year, the React library dominated the front-end world. ReactJS is being widely used across the world to build highly-interactive, modern, and feature-rich web applications as well as cross-platform mobile applications using React Native framework.

The below picture from stateofjs shows the top position of React in front-end development frameworks.


Not only startups, but the world’s powerful tech companies are also using React in their development environments like Netflix, Yahoo, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on.

Why React For Startup?

Keeping startup stage in mind, React app development offers two key advantages:

One is it does not take more time to develop an application that would help a startup to validate their idea faster and that too with highly-interactive, modern web/mobile apps.

Second in the list is React’s ability to deliver feature-rich app experience that suits your pocket.

So, in both these cases, using React or React Native for your startup can be beneficial. It is easy to find developers to React and the constant support of great Facebook open source community is dedicated to making it more stable and advanced.

Key Takeaway:

It makes sense to choosing React or React Native for your growing startup because of modern features, easy-to-use JavaScript, and steadiness.

Now, time to pick second from the list, Angular 2+.

Angular 2+: Responsive, Modern, and Enterprise-Level Front-end Development Tool

It is reasonable that at the initial validation phase of a startup, one would not have far-reaching planning to scale their ideas.

Angular, powered by Google is one such JavaScript framework that won developers’ hearts in a very short time. The journey from AngularJS to ‘Angular v2 and above’ captured worldwide attention of developers, entrepreneurs, organizations, and industrialists.

The below picture from stateofjs shows the popularity of Angular over time.


Recently, Angular 7 was released in October 2018, making it one of the rapidly-growing stable JavaScript frameworks.

Angular is used by many giants including Microsoft, Google, Forbes, BMW(Find a dealer), VMware, JPMorgan Chase, Nasdaq Business, and many more.

Here Is Our Answer To Why Angular For Startup Question:

First and foremost advantage of Angular development is it lets you use one codebase to build startup presence on platforms like web, mobile, native mobile apps, and desktops.

Moreover, it doesn’t require micromanagement of developers due to its well-designed structure. It is considered one of the widely-suitable frameworks for startups of all sizes.

Also, note that Angular has a somewhat strict and clumsy programming style that doesn’t allow flexibility and that’s the reason why developers are choosing other options over Angular 2+.

Key takeaway:

Angular 2+ is the most-favorable choice for startup app development as it is a more mature, sustainable, and reliable JavaScript framework.

We are moving towards one of the most-discussed JavaScript frameworks in 2018, Vue.js.

Vue.js: Versatile, Progressive, And Victorious JavaScript Framework

With the easier learning curve, the Vue.js framework gained enormous popularity in a very shorter period of time. Many have used Vue.js in their development environments and are observing notable differences in performances, for instance, Xiaomi, Alibaba, Netflix, Grammarly, EuroNews, GitLab, and so on.

Below image from stateofjs represents the popularity of Vue.js

Vue.js For Startups: Amazing User Interfaces In No Time

When you consider vue.js over React for startups, you will be having two major benefits – shorter time-to-market of your app and highly-interactive UIs.

Key takeaway:

Vue.js app development is surely the best choice for startups that are more focused on graphically-enhanced digital presence and looking for minimal optimization efforts in less time.

Node.js: ‘JavaScript Everywhere’ Paradigm Is Winning Factor

Node.js is not a framework; it’s an open-source, JavaScript runtime environment. It is very popular among developers as it lets developers write server-side scripting in JavaScript whereas JavaScript is used mainly for client-side scripting.

Node.js is widely used across the world. IBM, LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal, GoDaddy, SAP, Walmart are some of the big companies that have chosen Node.js development.

Key takeaway:

Node.js is best known for its ability to deliver dynamic, scalable, and maintainable applications and that’s why it is a topmost choice of a huge number of developers for startup app development.

Ember.js: Used By LinkedIn, Groupon, Apple Music, Want To Try It For Your Startup?

Ember.js is again an open-source, JavaScript web framework that lets developers create appealing single-page web applications.

It is created 7 years ago but the constant updates making it one of the popular JavaScript frameworks with many notable users.

According to Ember.js official website, Microsoft, Netflix, LinkedIn, Square, zendesk, and many more are using Ember.js in their development environments.

It can help startups to give a modern touch to web applications.

The other great advantage of Ember.js is it uses the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern that enables separation of business logic and back-end logic making development faster.

Key takeaway:

It is the most preferred choice when you need to develop a SPA(Single-page applications) for your products/services. Ember.js is widely known for building secure and feature-rich web applications.

Express.js: Fast, Minimalist Framework For Node.js

Express.js is an open-source, web application framework for Node.js. According to Wikipedia, Express currently has more than 500 million downloads and used by companies like IBM, Uber, Accenture, and Fox Sports.

Below image from stateofjs represents the popularity of Express.js


Note: Express.js is a backend component in MEAN stack and is widely used with MongoDB, and AngularJS.

Key takeaway:
As we have discussed, Node.js and Express.js allow developers to leverage JavaScript for server-side for the first time. It is a lightweight framework which is being used by the developers’ community to build great web apps with Node.js.

For startups that prefer full-stack development for their ideas to deliver fast, modern, and feature-rich web applications, Express.js would be a favored solution.

Ideas are Never-Ending!

You Can’t Decide The Framework Based On Its Trendiness.

Choosing a tech stack is subjective and depends on a lot many factors like business domain, requirement, audience, budget, and availability of resources.

Before you proceed further, one needs to understand that startups require choosing a tech stack that suits all above mentioned factors.

What are you using for your Startup? Are you going to use JavaScript technologies for converting your idea into an awestruck digital presence?

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