Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Considering the constantly varying essentials of the enterprise and the fast paced arrival of diverse technologies, as an Enterprise Mobile Application Development company, we @ SPEC INDIA boast of proficiency across manifold domains and our versatile enterprise solutions showcase a multi-device, multi-platform, multi-tenant, multi-technology driven methodology. Our end-to-end enterprise mobility applications and custom mobile apps give a completely new perspective to your business, turning around the quality of life for all stakeholders, boosting productivity and accelerating business results.

Our proven global experience boasts of our core competencies across industry verticals in delivering business critical solutions viz. Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail, FMCG, Sales & Distribution, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Banking & Insurance, Healthcare, Mobile BI & Analytics.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

We have been servicing large, medium and small enterprises for over two decades now, offering them proven solutions and frameworks to mobilize their needs in a variety of domains like CRM, Sales Force Automation, Procurement & Supply Chains, Service & Maintenance, to name a few. Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions showcase state-of-the-art technologies viz. Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything (IoE), Beacon Applications and Cloud based apps.

We have recently rolled out a Mobile ERP solution for one of our esteemed customers’ in the Asia Pacific region, which automates almost all business processes of a manufacturing unit and all these can be carried out through a native android app.

Here are some of our popular Enterprise Mobility Solutions:

Sales Force Automation

Enterprise CRM

Electronic Service & Maintenance


Warehouse Management App

Educational Assessment App

Mobile ERP Solution

Beacons App


Custom Mobile Application Development

We have two decades+ years of experience in providing customized mobility solutions to our global customers, which includes Fortune 500 companies across various domains like eCommerce & mCommerce, Sales & Distribution, Survey & Marketing, Social Media, Utility, Proximity Based Apps, Healthcare & Personal care, Games, Business apps and more. We have successfully helped our customers launch robust and scalable mobile apps, on platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Cross Platform.


  • iOS App Development
    We provide ingenious mobile Applications and Solutions that work on the complete range of Apple devices. .Exploiting the powers of the Apple Ecosystem, we have done some amazing apps that work on the iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Our skilled iOS development team boasts of vast experience in the SDKs, UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Core Data, Foundation, Game Controllers and Cloud integration
  • Android App Development
    Keeping at pace with the increasing popularity of Android applications, not only for entertainment and social networking but also for enterprise apps, we @ SPEC INDIA, develop contemporary mobile app and solutions which are gaining popularity with enterprises across the globe. Our portfolio boasts of state-of-the-art technologies like Android Wear and our global partnership with Samsung under the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) makes us feel proud to be a part of an innovative movement, enabling us to deliver superior enterprise mobility solutions for our clients.
  • Windows Mobile App Development
    Windows Mobile solutions has become an industry standard and a requirement by most of the large enterprises as it is the answer for apps for rugged devices which are designed to work in difficult environments with extreme temperatures, humidity or even underwater. One of the key strengths of SPEC INDIA is its support and development abilities on this platform for 15+ years. Using this platform, our developers have created varied applications that enhance user experience with minimal storage on low memory devices.We have equally demonstrable experience for Windows Phone and surface tablet based app development to cater to the needs of medium to large enterprises. Our solutions and applications using Live Tiles, OneDrive, superlative keyboard, wireless charging, seamless connection, social networking sites and Bing apps use the power of steadfast Windows Phone on smartphones, tablets, PDAs and handhelds.
  • Cross Platform
    Cross platform mobile app development has been our forte with the advent of technologies like HTML5, JQuery, CSS3, Angular JS and Angular Material giving our apps and solutions to perform anywhere and everywhere rolling out mobile apps in the Cross Platform genre.Maintaining uniformity across multiple platforms and devices for mobile applications and enterprise mobile solutions is the biggest challenge faced by customers and app developers across the globe especially for solutions that are planned using BYOD, where the target mobile platform is unknown. In such scenarios, cross platform mobile application development resolves these issues to a large extent.With the advent of standardized web development technologies which are software and hardware independent like HTML5, JQuery, CSS3, Angular JS and Angular Material cross platform development is now becoming popular. Apps developed in cross platform technologies not only provide similar user experiences reaching out to a larger audience, but also keep the development costs drastically low as compared to developing individual applications for each platform.The hybrid apps are steadily overpowering the native app with their ability to embed the generic HTML5 apps inside native containers like accelerometer, camera, sound or GPS.