Cross Platform Application Development

Maintaining uniformity across platforms for mobile applications and enterprise mobile solutions is the biggest challenge faced by app developers across the globe especially for solutions that are planned using BYOD, where the target mobile platform is unknown.

The differences between the platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows are escalating. Add to it the finesse of the wearables, the gap is widening like never before.

Native applications, work the best on the platform for which they have been developed and can be harnessed to bring the results when required. But when the applications need to work across multiple platforms and devices, different set of code needs to be written and maintained for different platforms. Managing such scenarios for enterprise applications can become a challenge with increased time, QA efforts and costs.

Cross platform mobile application development solves these issues to a large extent. With the advent of technologies like HTML5, cross platform development has now become possible. Apps developed in cross platform technologies not only provide similar user experiences reaching out to a larger audience, but also promote the use of new technologies keeping the development costs drastically low as compared to developing individual applications for each platform. HTML5, JQuery, and CSS3; standardized web development technologies which are software and hardware independent, give our applications and solutions the aptness to perform anywhere and everywhere rolling out mobile applications in the Cross platform genre.

The hybrid apps are also fast catching up with their ability to embed the generic HTML5 apps inside native containers like accelerometer, camera, sound or GPS, providing a win-win situation by offering best from both platters and diverse functionalities.

Benefits of Cross Platform App Development

  • Flexibility to run on multiple platforms
  • Consistent user experience
  • Uniform look and feel
  • Rapid development
  • Reduced development cost
  • High performance tuning
  • Greater reach
  • Develop once, use on multiple devices
  • Easy version upgrades and sync on multiple platforms

The comprehensive know how of HTML5, CSS and JQuery of our workforce connects the gaps across platforms and devices. Technologies like PhoneGap empower our teams to create mobile apps using standardized technologies for all platforms viz - iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry. PhoneGap compiles app-store ready applications eliminating the need to maintain native SDKs.

Cross Platform Software Development

HTML5 is the predominant markup language for web pages and a competent tool used for HTML5 development to deliver content and user experiences that best serve the demands and needs of customers with their varied devices; be they smartphones, tablets or desktops powered by iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Windows Phone or Blackberry. Evolving from the legacy markup language- HTML is the most adept to create apps and web pages that comply with mobile and desktop browsers. HTML5 is often used for developing the same application on multiple devices with device specific tools or Cross Platform Development. The platform and device independence offered makes this technology an indispensable tool at SPEC INDIA for empowering our Mobile Applications Development projects for Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Web Applications Development projects with cross platform capabilities.

At SPEC INDIA, we focus on HTML5 and CSS3 development, with core engagement of the experts to deliver cross platform, functionally rich and robust enterprise solutions which are demanded by today’s enterprises in various domains, this could be our Sales Force Automation solution ZooM; for FMCG, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Healthcare & Wellness, Consumer durables or Vehicle Tracking System(VTS), a GPS based Fleet Monitoring solution or Business Intelligence Solutions like BI SFA Reports with dashboards for visualization and analysis or a dynamic CMS based website for a leading real estate organization and our very own website.

Renaissance e-CRM

Renaissance, a cross platform Enterprise Business Mobility CRM Solution, provides our clients with a flexible, customizable CRM solution to automate and synchronize interdepartmental workflows with an aim to enhance collaboration between teams resulting in a satisfying customer relationship. It helps in sales and route planning, customer management, competition management, capturing primary, secondary and tertiary sales, lead management loyalty programs, surveys, customer feedback and much more. The integration of various mobile devices into this niche solution makes it a contemporary CRM.


Our crossplatform solution, e-SAM is an electronic service and maintenance solution for Manufacturing Enterprises, Service Industry, Energy & Utility, Healthcare and Hospitality and more. e-SAM enables field service engineers carry out on-premises or field activities like field survey, data capture and service flow implementation as per defined workflow and SOP / Check list.


Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is a GPS based vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring system to track, monitor and configure vehicles spread out in wide geographical locations. Powered by the HTML5 – cross platform technology it is a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution when integrated with ZooM our mobile sales force automation product.
PhoneGap is a revolutionary mobile application development framework based on the open source Apache Cordova project for developing Hybrid Apps. It allows creation of mobile apps with HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript or LUA and then wraps them into the PhoneGap framework for deployment across platforms. PhoneGap Build is a cloud-based service built on top of the PhoneGap framework which allows building of the mobile apps in the cloud. These apps can then be installed as native mobile applications across multiple mobile device platforms smoothly.

Why PhoneGap

Speed of development and deployment is directly proportional to savings on time and cost. With PhoneGap, the applications need to be developed only once. These applications, including designs, user interfaces (UI) and the code itself is reused on a diverse platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Web.

Benefits of PhoneGap

  • Develop once, use multiple times
  • Reusable UI & Designs
  • Reusable Codes
  • Speed of rollout
  • Save time & cost
As a call of the times, SPEC INDIA puts in rigorous efforts for Cross Platform Development using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. It is then, but a natural step for SPEC INDIA to put PhoneGap development services & PhoneGapBuild at the helm of all its cross platform development projects.

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