UI / UX Design Services

UI / UX designs for software applications have moved on from the traditional vanilla designs to swanky designs that are an integral and complex part of any software application. The industry demand for UI /UX designing for web applications and websites, mobile applications, games, wearables etc. are not just for visually appealing screens, but also for a great user experience, easy to navigate, information availability with minimum clicks etc. Understanding the target user needs and psyche are part and parcel of the design requirements.

The design bureau at SPEC INDIA understands the demands of the industry and while designing applications takes care of these aspects and ensures designs with visually appealing sights, soothing sounds extending the design to intuition, emotions and feelings.

The user interface design is a very integral part in the success of any application and corporate today are demanding UI / UX design that speak their branding in terms of themes, colors, fonts and logos. The requirement extends to making a uniform design across a multitude of devices. Natural user interfaces; our skin, our eyes are also making a slow move into the design domain with biometric based technology. Finger print ids and retinal recognition tools are now becoming a part of all our gadgets. Device to human interactions give rise to a special kind of design need altogether.

The design revolution seizes the globe.

With our rich experience and deep insight in UI UX design, SPEC INDIA believes in showcasing your business to the world in a way that no one forgets.

SPEC INDIA – UI UX Design Company

SPEC INDIA boasts of an experienced design team that possesses over a decade of designing experience. While designing any application, we begin by taking a creative briefing with you, which enables us to understand your likes and dislikes, home colors, branding nuances etc. We start by creating mock-up designs by using user interface tools that simulate actions and pre-visualize the reactions.

These mockups help to visualize the interaction patterns, interface behaviors and gestures like click, tap, pinches and mouse movements. The insight into the importance and usability of the features to the user of the system established thus helps to create a consistent user experience.

The core elements of designing any application are the UIs that enable the entire package and the UX which effectively demonstrate the strengths of a good design by incorporating intuitive behaviors, making the designs purposeful and enjoyable. The newer branches of designing like Interactive Design and Interaction Design focus on communication, technology and the product design itself.

As a call of the day, SPEC INDIA puts in rigorous efforts for integrating contemporary design techniques into applications and solutions developed to give you a meaningful, satisfying User Experience.

A confluence of technology and art from inception to completion in our projects fascinate you with elegance and style of visuals, sounds, contents and interactions in our solutions. The insights provided by the creative vision teamed with the technical finesse renders a completely satisfying user experience with ‘feel me’ user interfaces in the websites, mobile applications, games and enterprise solutions created at SPEC INDIA.

Customized Web Design & Development

The biggest challenge faced by website designers today is the ever increasing number of web enabled devices flooding the market. Automatic rendering of the content and design on each page to the screen size of this array of devices is achieved by Responsive Web Design (RWD) or Adaptive Web Design (AWD). Be it a wearable, phone, tablet or a desktop you get the same look and feel and user experience with web applications designed by SPEC INDIA. If you choose to redesign your website with us, our design team breaks you free from the barriers of the past and breathes in a new lease of life into your existing websites making them trendy after thoughtful analysis and brain storming for innovative ideas.

Mobile Apps Design, Wearables Design, Game Design

Our dynamic design team inspires the way our apps look. The design itself gives a meaning to our technology.

We switch user experiences from phones to web, from web to tablets and tablets to phones, powered by our user interfaces and designs; both responsive and adaptive. User expectations drive our design team to be entailed in all the stages of our project life cycle to chart out a design plan along with the technical team. UI / UX designs get a shape at the onset of our projects. We take care of the little pleasures; animations, sounds and gestures, integrating them into our application mechanism and design, keeping track of the goals and guidelines of the devices and technologies.

Speed, size, algorithm design, all of these are very much a concern of our design team, as much as those of the development team; these are the features which leave a lasting impression through our designs and aesthetics. The intuitiveness of a human being blends in into our device based applications with the crisp and beautiful designs and fluid motions.

The humane touch of SPEC INDIA, integrates mobile accessibility features into all the mobile applications and games furnished. It is then never a big surprise when our applications find way to the App Stores so easily!!

Corporate branding

Corporate branding has come of age. Moving out from sketch board and paper based branding, SPEC INDIA creates a synergy of ideas to promote and establish corporate brands. Right from the ever so established logos to digital advertisements, stationery and calendars, the grand finale of a corporate branding is the corporate website itself. We create a harmony and uniformity in creating your brand awareness with these multiple touch points with your clientele.

Graphic Designing

The compositions of images, shapes and colours combined with the typography, content, themes and page layouts form the base of any of our design offerings. We offer to you this very powerful method of visual communication, integrated into all our design offerings. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Wireframe making

Wireframe design helps us to integrate information, navigation and interface design itself to visualize the application or the website in a logical perspective. Devoid of the aesthetics, wireframes are the skeletal frames of a good design.

As designing reaches a different level altogether, technology is haunted by two demons, devices and platforms. With numerous devices with equally diverse operating systems available to the users, it goes without saying that applications and websites demand uniformity. This means that the applications and websites should be designed using technologies which are responsive and adaptive and at the same time support cross platform development.

There is little difference in the purpose of responsive and adaptive website design. At the core is the concept of getting rid of development and redevelopment time for websites for each new device that is launched in the market. AWD handles these changes from the server, rather than the client’s end like the RWD. Our technical team is armed with knowledge HTML5 and CSS3 to bring you a flexible, fluid and adaptive web design by exploiting features like fluid grid design and media queries.

Less and Bootstrap

Bootstrap design framework is one of the most popular HTML, CSS and JS frameworks for developing responsive, mobile first projects. Less Framework; on the other hand is an adaptive cross platform CSS grid system using standards-based CSS3 media queries. Both make themselves compatible with the most common browsers; Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9 and of course the huge, ever increasing array of devices; Android Phones, tablets, iOS devices like the iPhones, iPads, iTouches and of course the Windows Phone series.

Both share the same purpose; enable Cross-Platform, Cross – Device ease of use of mobile apps and websites.

HTML 5 and CSS3

HTML5 is the language synonymous with cross platform development. In the recent days it has moved on from becoming just a tag based language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web to become the indispensible tool of the internet. The application programming interfaces for both mobile web and mobile applications are rolled out effectively by using the crossplatform abilities of HTML. Compatible and rich user experiences are incomparable when designed with HTML5. The responsive and adaptive design concepts deliver consistent UI / UX across devices giving users the freedom to explore devices and gadgets like never before. The unique crossplatform capabilities empower the applications and solutions developed with HTML5 to come across as the most dependable and practical.

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