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Straight from our teams. We are what they say.

Niraj_Salot Niraj Salot Chief Operations Officer

I would like to say Special Thanks from bottom of my heart for the special event of our company’s 36 years of establishment. I still remember those days when I was a diploma student and had no knowledge of computers. SPEC was the first company that gave me an opportunity and I joined this amazing company. The guidance, mentorship, platform, and opportunities that I get here @ SPEC are truly magnificent.

My personal growth with the company has been amazing and beyond belief (From Trainee to Chief Operations Officer). The recognition and rewards which we get @ SPEC are unbelievable. SPEC INDIA has been consistent in distributing service rewards, profit sharing, and even awards that acknowledge the new talent, consistent performance, and new ideas.

We have a great leader in the form of Milind Sir, who always give great ideas and the right platform for people to grow. He has a great human touch and always wants to go an extra mile for the SPEC family.

I can write an essay on the wonderful things which SPEC INDIA provides & would still not be over even after days, so just ending my note by saying “Thanks SPEC & Thank you Milind Sir from bottom of my heart.

Yaman Kavishwar Yaman Kavishwar Project Lead - Microsoft

The company’s emphasis on fair Performance Rewards based on a consultant’s performance is remarkable. It motivates consultants to give their best, knowing that their efforts are appreciated and acknowledged. The work culture prioritizes the consultant’s well-being.

Moreover, the company offers handsome increments and lucrative perks, including insurance coverage, and flexible work arrangements. The company shares its profits with consultants, allowing us to understand the company’s financial and operational status, which fosters a sense of commitment and confidence in the company’s vision.

The company also provides great opportunities for learning and growth, with a focus on using trending technologies. It has helped me stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and develop new skills that have enhanced my performance.

Manish Manish Vithlani Associate Project Manager

SPEC INDIA offers incredible Performance Rewards and Service Rewards which shows that the management values the contributions of its consultants.

When I look back on my 17 years journey with SPEC INDIA, I feel thankful for the phenomenal support of seniors and our CEO. Their guidance and mentorship have been invaluable in my professional growth. The CEO’s vision is very inspiring for all the consultants. The company has an open-door policy that creates a warm and welcoming environment where consultants feel comfortable expressing their ideas and concerns.

This transparency is a core value that I appreciate, and it makes me feel valued as a consultant. Working for such a wonderful organization has been an immensely rewarding experience, and I feel grateful to be a part of it.

Rupji Ruplal Rabari HR & Admin Executive

My journey with SPEC INDIA has been like a miracle! I had never thought back in the year 𝟐𝟎𝟎𝟎 that I would become an HR executive for such a reputed company.

The only thing I knew back then was to dedicate myself to whatever work I do. I heartily thank 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐢𝐫 for recognizing my true potential and allowing me to channel my potential.

For me working with SPEC INDIA is a like a dream which I never thought would come true.

I would be thankful to Milind Sir and SPEC INDIA for life.

Bhavika Bhavika Rafaliya Senior Software Engineer

I am amazed to see the effort SPEC INDIA puts to appreciate its consultants. Recently we received our Performance Reward, and it was beyond expectations.

This makes me happy to know that my performance is rewarded. It does not stop here; we received Service Reward, a LIC policy, and even a Samsung 5G phone! With SPEC INDIA everything is beyond expectation!

The company disburses the performance reward appreciating the performance of the consultants. And it is not just the appreciation that they show toward consultants but the perks like flexible timing and leaves policies that allow me to balance my personal and professional life.

The work environment has contributed immensely to enhancing my knowledge by offering many learning opportunities.

Glad to be a part of SPEC INDIA!

Himani Himani Modi Senior Test Engineer

I feel extremely lucky to work at SPEC INDIA. It has an exceptional PR/SR policy which I have not found in any other company. The generous amount of PR/SR shows how much the company values the efforts of its consultants.

Astonishing gifts from the company are truly heartwarming and make me feel special. It’s amazing to see how the company rewards loyalty and dedication, as the more time you spend here, the more benefit you receive.

In addition to the PR/SR and gifts, the company also has a great work-life balance, which shows its commitment to consultants’ well-being.

The flexible timing helps me to keep a balance between my professional and personal life. The cross-functional teams are very cooperative and supportive.

Overall, my experience at SPEC INDIA has been fantastic, and I feel fortunate to be a part of such a great organization.

Jitendra Lokwani Senior Project Manager - BIA

I started my career in SPEC India as a trainee and completed 17 years. It is indeed a long journey and I feel very proud and humbled to be a part of this organization.

SPEC INDIA provided me with plenty of opportunities, work-life balance, flexible hours, a transparent environment, perks, etc. I have grown so much in my role since starting here in terms of technical, functional, and managerial skills.

Employee recognition, festival celebration, and company picnic make it an amazing place to work.

Imran Patwa Team Lead TSL

“When I had joined this company it was growing and I have grown along with it. The years that I have spent in SPEC India have been fruitful and I have improved a great deal as a professional. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement.

I truly appreciate all that I have learnt from my seniors and I am very proud to be a part of SPEC India.”

Sweety Shah Project Manager - BI

“It was an amazing 15-year journey with SPEC!! It is a moment to show my respect, love, and affection for SPEC.

It has been a great time for me working in an open environment with helping and friendly people.

Special thanks to Milind Shroff for the given opportunity and all my mentors for the experience, and guidance provided me during my tenure of SPEC Journey.”

Jay Dave Project Manager - Java

“SPEC INDIA has history to boast about and achievements to take pride in. It’s work environment and clients are the sparkling proof of the same. The company stands because of the Grit of Milind Sir to run an effective Business Hub.

I being a part of its half journey, give me an immense sense of satisfaction. It’s my privilege to work for a company that always inspires innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology.”

Mathew Mendonza Senior Digital Marketer

“Joined SPEC India 7 years ago and still a long way to go! I can surely say SPEC India is “An Organization cum Family” SPEC India shows a sincere interest in consultant welfare and solutions to our problems. It gives opportunities to grow and improve.”

Bhargav Jani

“It’s an incredible 1100+ days ongoing journey with SPEC!! It is the moment to show my respect, love, and affection for SPEC.

It has been a wonderful time for me to work in an open environment along with friendly people.

Even in times of epidemics like covid, the spec facilitated us very well.

Special thanks to Milind Shroff for the given opportunity and all my mentors for the experience, and guidance.”