Your Faulty UX is Leaking Money!! Keep Focus on UI/UX Development


May 18, 2016


June 21st, 2023

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The first impression is the last impression, they say. More than true. User interfaces & User experiences entice and engage the users like none other and UI & UX are easily the most discussed subject today in software development. UI/UX development remains targeted to drive practicality of the software vs user satisfaction.


A mature UX synergizes the visuals and the interactions. A good & simple UI/UX design is focused on unearthing what the user expects and desires to make the software usable and appealing to the patrons. This discipline of design judges many aspects.

  • User Needs
  • Practical Limitations
  • Realistic Abilities
  • Relevance of the Software

A correct UX draws the customers to the enterprise, converting traffic into sales. Popularity of the apps for smartphones, tablets and now the wearables all have a direct co-relation to the UI/UX Design. A consistent and satisfactory experience ensures long term engagement and is the prime reason for enterprises to research and invest in UI/UX Design & Development. A faulty UI/UX is sure to spell doom for the enterprise.

A Good User Experience Means…

A good User Experience has a lot of advantages and these directly or indirectly turn into a growing user base. Needless to say, more the customers more the revenues.

  • Smooth User Onboarding

Simple and realistic User Onboarding becomes an integral part of the UI/UX Design today, to ensure that the newbies for the website and the app are oriented easily to keep them in a positive frame of mind.

  • Increased Conversions

An attractive UI on the website amounts is an assured way to draw the traffic. Complemented by an enriched UX, the conversion rate from traffic to leads increases many folds.

On the other hand, for a mobile app the same theory is applicable and a good UI/UX leads to an increase in the user base and the number of downloads.

  • Users Spending more Time

A satisfied user explores more of what businesses offer online, definitely increasing the chances of sales. A smart UI/UX Development strategy also makes sure that the whole experience is like a personalized story in which the user flows in the context of his own choices and preferences.

And time is money and that says it all.

  • Happy & Focused Users

A prudent UI/UX design analyses the user expectations and remains focused on satisfying those. Selling a service of product to a happy customer means further propagation through word of mouth and social media.

  • User Affinity

A compelling UX makes the user come back again and again to use your business app or website making him a loyal patron assuring steady incomes. Confusing or negative user experiences are sure to ruin the game and spoils the impression of the services or the products.

A sleek UX simply means more users and surely a good reason to invest in the Design & Development of UI and UX.

  • Customer Retention through UI/UX

A successful UX converts to customer retention; which is of course the mainstay of any business.

Impeccable services available on the web or delivered through mobile apps spell the success of a software. An appropriate UX design assures loyalty from the patrons.

  • Competition Knowledge Gathering

Smart and intelligent UX design integrates knowledge gathering related to user preferences about other apps. Co-related to competitor apps and websites; it provides vital information related to user preferences of brands, products and services as also the time of the year the apps are availed more often. Combined with personalization services the UX touches the nerve of the users.

  • Get Noticed in the Virtual World

SEO and UI/UX Development when prudently planned complement each other like none other. Search results derived from user based knowledge supplements the UX with the sequencing in the storytelling achieved with wireframes and interactions. On the other hand UX offers the very design platform SEO requires to put itself to use.

Combined with tactic the combination surely ensures web presence and increased traffic to the site or increased downloads of the app.

Good User Interfaces, the Foundation of a Good User Experience

A user experience is achieved through storytelling patterns using various user interfaces. It then goes without saying that UI starts it all. Designers keep studying user preferences and patterns of usage of websites and apps to evolve enticing user interfaces to lay a dependable foundation of a great user experience.

Tips to Create Contemporary UIs


    • Logos with Sharp Contrast
    • Informative Sliders
    • Striking Typography
    • Scalable Icons
    • Intriguing Buttons
    • Subtle Colors
    • More of Colors
    • Underplayed Footers
    • Unmissable Call to Actions

On a Parting Note

It is really hard to believe how a faulty UX can throw systems out of sync. Worth checking this unbelievable story of how an e-Commerce giant was caught unaware of the flaws in his UI/UX Design.


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