Windows Phone 8.1 to Augment Mobile Salesforce Automation


August 25, 2014


April 27th, 2023

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Mobile Sales Force automation manages sales force, customer information and their sales details, delivery of customer orders and execute marketing plans. A huge number of sales person are always on the go. The growth of smart devices has reignited the creation of mobile sales force automation systems. Smartphones and devices are easy to carry and use with great interface designs, touch screens and good wireless network abilities. It it is a better way to increase sales and satisfy customer needs, leading to business growth. In a nutshell it means to get your sales and marketing strategies planned in the office, executed accurately in the field and continuously tracked, measured, evaluated and refined.

The latest additional features offered by Windows Phone 8.1 under Enterprise, Security, Office, Sense and Geofence Monitor not only augment the concepts of Mobile SFA but put Sales Force Automation into a completely new perspective. A mobile sales force powered by windows phone based solutions are definitely more likely to see an improvement in productivity. The real time information would help in satisfying customer demands and hence do business more efficiently.

Windows Phone 8.1 enhancers for a SFA System

A) Enterprise and Office
Enterprise and Office features of Windows Phone 8.1 help roll out Mobile Device Management features more prudently for a SFA System. A sound MDM not only provides value addition to the system but becomes a necessity too.

  • Security
    • Enterprise enrolled phones can have their passwords changed and remotely locked
    • Password protected Office document support is provided
    • Access to corporate resources can be made behind the firewall with app aware
    • Certificate management to enroll, update and revoke certificates for user authentication helps to manage users
    • Enhanced MDM policies provide better enterprise control to lock down functionality on the phone as also allowing or disallowing the installation of certain apps
  • Synchronization
    • VPN support built in to provide easy synchronizing with database / cloud used by the SFA
    • Auto-triggered VPN integrated

B) Email

  • Provides encrypted and signed e-mail support for safeguarding emails
  • Usage pattern based sync option for emails for ease of use

C) Sense

  • Battery Power Sense and Battery Saver with and app exclusion list can be a blessing for a workforce on the move
  • Data Sense to control the limits of data exchange remotedly
  • Wi-Fi Sense to sharing secured WI-Fi Networks with customers and backoffice Wi-Fi can auto re-enable after a set duration of time

D) Geofence Monitoring Support

  • Geofence Monitoring Support to give an insight to the back office of the sales force location and to set the areas and boundaries

E) Other Facilities

  • Browser allows seamlessupload of files through Internet Explorer 11
  • The availability of Bluetooth 4.0 LE can be put to smart use
  • Chkdsk for SD cards to ensure card health
  • Office Lens support for scanning documents with camera and importing into Office with OCR technique

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