Beacons & iBeacons Application Development

The changing needs and expectations from technology push solutions to become increasingly comprehensive; interconnecting a multitude of devices on diverse platforms. Collaborating niche approaches like Big Data, Analytics, Mobile Technologies and the Cloud have led to devising comprehensive solutions that satisfy the needs of today.

Internet of Things is becoming a reality in today’s world.

IoT has been instrumental in bringing together innovative techniques like the Bluetooth Low Energy- BLE based Beacons within enterprise solutions where proximity based solutions were needed in enterprise frameworks. Completely changing the approach to targeted marketing and indoor communication for a variety of domains, Beacons today emerge as one of the most practical and affordable enhancements to enterprise systems.

Key Highlights of Beacon Based Solutions

Applications of Beacon Based Solutions

  • Indoor Navigation
  • Interactive Tours
  • Targeted Marketing & Promotion
  • Processes Automation & Monitoring
  • Continuous Tracking of Persons, Resources & Assets

Key Features

  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Interactive Tours
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Continuous Tracking
  • Process Automation & Monitoring


  • Retail
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hospitality
  • Universities
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Tourism
  • Public Transport

SPEC INDIA Domain Expertise in Beacons Solutions

Shopping Mall and Retail Outlets

Capturing critical data related to age, gender and preferences of the shoppers and driving decisions and predictions by collating with Business Intelligence & Analytics, beacons aim at enhancing the shopping experience in malls and retail outlets and increase chances of monetization.

  • In Store
    • Indoor maps & navigation to lead customers to areas of interest
    • Increasing basket size through personalized marketing
    • Push managed content for generating interest & ensuring loyalty
    • Customer monitoring & evaluating footfalls
  • Common Areas
    • Attracting new customers through targeted branding & promotion

Hospitality Solutions for Improved Guest Engagement

Increasing the possibilities of fruitful engagement during the entire Guest Lifecycle with enhanced guest experiences, this approach puts beacons to use at almost every location on the property.

  • Pre Stay
    • Personalized Offers & Suggestions for targeted marketing efforts
    • Generating actionable Guest Profiles
  • Seamless & automated Check-in procedures as soon as the guest arrival is sensed at the property
  • In Stay
    • Keyless access for a hassle free experience
    • Prompted and automated room comforts
    • Easy navigation within the hotel specially to preferred zones
    • Locating areas of interest based on past visits
    • Ease of availing services from the room
  • Automated check-out and practical payment options integration
  • Post Stay
    • Integration of loyalty programs into the solution and putting proximity based approach to use, prompting users at various locations about the hotel

University Experience with the University Guide

A comprehensive solution taking care of visitors around the campuses and also monitoring movement of students in and out of classes, integrated appropriately with beacon support.

  • Visitor Help
    • A guide from the time the user enters the gates through the complete visit on premise
    • Pointing out key locations like the dean’s chambers, registration office, HR department and various departments
    • Guiding to events being held and providing additional information at the venue
    • Alerting about upcoming events at the halls and venues in the vicinity of the visitor
  • Generating Actionable Information
    • Number of visitors in various areas on the campus
    • Attendance at various events being held
    • Students present at classes and events

Our Service Offerings using Beacons

  • Feasibility study of business ideas
  • Developing backend solutions, web services to interface with back office legacy systems
  • Prototype Design or a PoC
  • Extending & maintaining existing Beacon solutions and apps
  • Beacon Android app and iBeacon app design & development
  • Developing and enabling Business Intelligence layer on top of transactional data generated through Beacon based solution
Author - admin_specindia, Updated Date - January 7, 2017

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