Online Help Desk Management System

SPEC INDIA’s web based Online Help Desk Management System is an effective and efficient customizable framework that helps the application support and maintenance services, bug tracking and change management requirements of any service organization, catering to various domains: IT, Manufacturing, Service Industry etc. The framework helps in building a web based support desk, which focuses on administration and supervision of Service Level Agreements (SLA) in a very crisp manner.

This multi functional tool takes care of the complete lifecycle of the ticket with functionalities like creating tickets online, setting priority, tracking SLAs, communications, manage documents related to the ticket, Impact Analysis and Approvals. It’s MIS Reporting and Dashboards allow for an in-depth issue analysis and SLA compliance tracking. The system has email integration which auto generates emails.

Once a ticket is created, the severity / priority is set (Critical, High, Medium, Low) based on the nature of the problem. Based on the priority and defined SLAs, the response time, resolution time and the deployment mechanism is finalized. The various status of ticket could be set as : Reported, Need Approval, Implemented, Closed etc.

Depending upon the domain of the organization, the features / modules required to implement this system can vary. For e.g., if this is being implemented for an IT organization, the various ticket types could be Error, Change Request, Optimization Request etc.

This multi functional framework is completely in a customizable format, where certain required modules and features are already available. Based on the client requirements, a comprehensive solution is derived. Once the requirements are finalized, we plan, develop and implement the solution. In short, we deliver the solution as per your requirement with a minimum turnaround time.

Our refined version of current Online Ticketing system developed using Microsoft Silverlight technology has an excellent Rich Application Interface, that provides visually appealing and intuitive UI / UX for the users of the applications.

Features of OHDMS

Key Benefits

Our Helpdesk solution enables the organization to reap significant benefits like:

  • Efficient ticket system that lets customers track their open issues
  • Provision for colour coded ROG report
  • Ability to prioritize inquiries and route requests across the network to appropriate personnel departments
  • Flexible reporting, tracking and problem resolution tools
  • Seamless integration into your existing network environment
  • Web-based interface accessible from any computer with an internet or intranet connection
  • Scalable platform capable of meeting your current needs with functionality that supports the natural growth of customer demands
  • Quality technical support provided by resources within the application as well as prompt support from live representatives


Proposed Technology:

  • C# .Net
  • AJAX
  • Java Script
  • SQL Server 2008 / MySQL

A Sample Look of our System


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