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There were many static reports, already integrated with the existing ERP of client, but it was a cumbersome task for business users to view specific data by using those static reports. So, the key challenge was to review and analyze these static reports and create a visualization which will provide most of the information to users in a few clicks.

Extract data from their existing system

Customizing the pentaho based on business user needs

Our Travel Data Analytics Solution

SPEC INDIA developed a solution (corporate travel data analytics) using Pentaho community stack, since a quick customizing solution was the key requirement for the client.

Analyze data sources/existing static reports and derive the key KPIs and KRAs jointly with client and SPEC INDIA team to meet the business analytics.

Consolidate data sources (oracle 11g) in to MySQL database with Star Schema approach.

Deploy various complex ETL jobs and transformation to integrate the historical data and live data to generate near real time analytics.

Customize Pentaho open source platform.

Provide features to show only specific dashboard (out of a list of dashboards) based on access rights.

Provide the feature to view location wise data based on user rights.

Provide the drill down feature to view detailed analysis.

Sales Analysis Sales analysis to visualize the total sales category wise (airline, hotel, car). Visualize the sales by executive/customer/supplier/location. Month wise comparison of sales v/s profit for any number of years for executive/customer/supplier/airline/hotel/car/location. Comparison of sales for any airlines/hotel/supplier/etc by month of current year. Separate analysis of sales for airlines/hotel/car category.

Location Analysis Visualize the location/customer category/product/supplier/executive wise sales/invoice/total booking. Month wise comparison of years for profit v/s ticket booking for specific location/executive/customer/supplier/airline/hotel/car/etc. Comparison of metrics for any airlines/hotel/supplier/etc by month of year. Drill down functionality to provide detailed view for each location.

Hotel Analysis Visualize the Region wise/ hotel wise/ hotel chain wise spending as well as booking. Visualize Top 10 Supplier wise spending v/s no. of nights. Visualize by spending/no. of nights for Hotel Star (1/2/3/4/5 star). Month wise comparison for specific years. Drill down functionality to provide detailed view for each Region/Hotel/Supplier.

Saving Analysis Visualize the Region/customer/airline/class wise Gain Savings and Missed Savings. Comparison for two or more years to analyze the Gain/Missed savings. Destination city wise Gain/Missed Savings. Drill down functionality to provide detailed analysis.

Top Destination Analysis Visualize to view data based on selected Metric from Spending or Ticket Booking. Analysis by Airline/Destination City/Source-Destination City/Airline class base on selected metric. Drill down functionality to provide analysis in detail. Month wise comparison for any selected year for any KPI (airline/destination city/etc). Export to Excel.

Financial Analysis Visualize Invoice/Receipt/Outstanding amount. Customer Category/Customer/Location wise profit contribution. Customer wise outstanding/credit/debit amount. Drill down functionality to view detail level. Export to Excel.


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Technologies & Tools Used for Travel Data Analytics


Our Process


Our detailed and accurate research , analysis, and refinement leads to a comprehensive study that describes the requirements, functions, and roles in a transparent manner.


We have a team of creative design experts who are apt at producing sleek designs of the system components with modernized layouts.


Our programmers are well versed with latest programming languages, tools, and techniques to effectively interpret the analysis and design into code.


Quality is at the helm of our projects. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring superior excellence and assurance in all our solutions and services.


We have a well-defined, robust, and secure launch criteria that offers us a successful implementation clubbed with detailed testing, customer acceptance and satisfaction.

Business Benefits of Data Analytics in Travel Industry

SPEC INDIA’s successful implementation of BI Analytics Solution helped company to give answers to queries like ‘which are the most profitable airlines/hotel etc.’, ‘which is the time when most customers are using our product’. Such queries are easily answered by the solution. And by using this they can make new innovative decisions to gain more profit.  It benefitted them in the following ways too:

Centralized aggregation of data as well as centralized report in form of dashboard.

Previously they had to open many reports to get some information. Now, they can get same information in just few clicks.

Business team can easily target some promotional offer by analyzing the historical data.

Get meaningful insights from historical and real time data.

Identify performing and non-performing airline/hotel/executive/etc.

Saiku Analytics and Self-service Dashboard Plug-in helped end users to generate the adhoc analytics and generate dashboards themselves.


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