About Client

The client belongs to the eCommerce industry and wanted to develop future-ready referral marketing services that can be integrated into any e-commerce platform. With this idea, they wanted to create one powerful tool that can convert satisfied customers into micro influencers by sending various deals to their family and friends. They currently have an established user base of 160 e-retailers across 11 countries worldwide using this tool to expand an eCommerce business.

The client wanted to offer referral marketing service via two modules to engage customers. One module targets recommendation and another should be focused on engagement and sharing. Customers can send deals to their friends and family through an email, SMS, or Facebook. Customers who shop at a physical store instead webshop should be targeted for referrals using the newsletter, push notifications, banners, and so on. Other significant features to be integrated into the tool: Multi-language support, Customized design to provide a superior user experience, Easy to install and manage with Google Tag Manager, UTM Tracking to track the source


Reliability is must in this digital referral marketing solution as it needs to be integrated into a 3rd party eCommerce site.


Frequent changes in chronic core area often resulted in error and reliability issue and it was a challenge for us to do testing effectively.

We had to accelerate the whole development to deployment cycle to set quick adaptability of different requirements.

The client required HA for reliability and quick creation of any environment in case of failure or breakdown.

Clients wanted to improve the feedback loop which required sanity test on production and finding the early detection of the issue on both, resource (CPU, memory, disk etc) and functional.

Ticket rollback and switching it off required having quick turnaround during business hour if any issue occurred.

Our DevOps Implementation Solution

SPEC INDIA precisely met client’s requirement and developed the solution aligning every potential factor of an e-commerce platform using the DevOps development approach.

Key Inclusions

Arranged training of DevOps for development and operation team to meet client expectation and identified how DevOps will be best suited to such requirements

Analyzed current work done and started with value stream for further improvement

Identified past failure and accident as an opportunity for improvement

Reduced waste into the value stream

Instead of making request or schedule for testing, the developer can execute on-demand automation test script to verify development

Eliminated manual deployment with CI/CD pipeline to deploy frequent changes and faster deployment of issue/bug resolution

Enhanced feedback and feedforward loop by training and use of various tools

Created an environment where quality is a shared responsibility with the innovation-friendly mindset


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Technologies & Tools Used for DevOps Implementation

visual studio-cs
Visual Studio
Amazon EC2

Our Process


Our detailed and accurate research , analysis, and refinement leads to a comprehensive study that describes the requirements, functions, and roles in a transparent manner.


We have a team of creative design experts who are apt at producing sleek designs of the system components with modernized layouts.


Our programmers are well versed with latest programming languages, tools, and techniques to effectively interpret the analysis and design into code.


Quality is at the helm of our projects. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring superior excellence and assurance in all our solutions and services.


We have a well-defined, robust, and secure launch criteria that offers us a successful implementation clubbed with detailed testing, customer acceptance and satisfaction.

Business Benefits of Implementing DevOps

Improved quality and in %C&A (Complete and Accurate ratio)

Eliminated manual deployment cycle and decreased deployment cycle timing 30%

Reduced risk of error on manual deployment

Small and frequent releases

The improved feedback loop for greater control over the system

Gained the trust of all stakeholders

Created a high resilient system which can generate a significant amount of revenue


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