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The client required Salesforce integration into existing the application with effective management of student application approval and financial functionalities. There was a lack of integration and a lengthy procedure was used to dump data from MS-SQL database to Salesforce. MS-Access form was developed to import data from TLS database into sales-force using CSV Files. Due to this, the client needs to create manual CSV files for each table data insert in Salesforce table. For example, if there is a need to import data into 10 Salesforce customized table, then there is a need to create 10 CSV files.

Furthermore, the manual field mapping needed between CSV files and tables.

Our Solution

SPEC India designed a completely automated two-way interaction between MS-SQL database and Salesforce tables. The solution covered the following features:

Two-way bidirectional data synchronization between MS SQL and Salesforce.

With automated integration, when a student submits an application via the web it will be integrated into Salesforce at the same time.

The necessary data validation and auto-field mapping was a part of the solution. Data validation includes field data type, field length, and the primary-foreign key relationship between parent and child tables.

To perform integration, multiple Salesforce APIs options were available. With the client needs, the Salesforce web service SOAP API was used (WSDL-SOAP API connector) which was more suitable for Salesforce enterprise version.

The web application is connected to MS-SQL using JDBC connect and get require data to import into Salesforce.

JAVA uses Salesforce SOAP API using WSDL connector to validate data and if all found OK, it will load data into Salesforce customized tables.


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Technologies & Tools

SQL Server

Our Process


Our detailed and accurate research , analysis, and refinement leads to a comprehensive study that describes the requirements, functions, and roles in a transparent manner.


We have a team of creative design experts who are apt at producing sleek designs of the system components with modernized layouts.


Our programmers are well versed with latest programming languages, tools, and techniques to effectively interpret the analysis and design into code.


Quality is at the helm of our projects. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring superior excellence and assurance in all our solutions and services.


We have a well-defined, robust, and secure launch criteria that offers us a successful implementation clubbed with detailed testing, customer acceptance and satisfaction.

Business Benefits

SPEC India’s successful implementation of Salesforce integration solution helped client to remove manual and time-consuming approach. It benefitted them in the following ways:

The accurate result achieved along with quick turnaround time

Real-time notification of student applications

No manual intervention or redundant work needed

Point in time import from MS-SQL to Salesforce tables with a secured connection


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