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Key Challenges

Robust business intelligence solution that can offer social media insights into how well the interaction is helping the organization in terms of growing its business, meeting targets, connecting with customers/prospects, areas that need improvement, etc.

Visualize and analyze social media metrics, to enable a detailed understanding between the organization and its social media user base

Even while creating visual effects, it would also happen that the end-user may not understand these visualized terminologies

Collect a variety of data from varied social media platforms

Perform analysis on collected bulk of data with multiple terminologies

Our Solution

Looking at the challenges, SPEC INDIA helped the client by offering them a comprehensive and easy-to-analyze Social Media Dashboard which includes various social media metrics reports.

A  social media analytics dashboard aims at extracting value from data based on different social networks over various timeframes. This report is fundamental to explain social media progress and helping gain business insights.

Social Media Dashboard Key Features

Cleansing the data with Power Query and DAX and make a dimension table

Understanding social media terminologies used while creating a dashboard

Drill down feature for more insights in the form of Donut Chart as Tooltip, along with other metrics to discover insights

Showing a variety of information in the form of reports/dashboards like Month-Year wise data, Comparing current vs previous month for important measures such as KPI

Facebook report that focuses on advertisements/marketing campaigns performance with important metrics to track social media performance like impressions, engagement, engagement rate, CTR (Click Through Rate), reach, etc.

Twitter report that focuses on user engagement with metrics like impressions, engagement, likes, replies, retweets, engagement rate, hashtag used, etc. This report is shown as two sections – summary and tweet.

LinkedIn reports show different metrics by followers and visitors, depending upon selection from the dropdown list which user can select from the dropdown to view visual according to it



Want To Gain Better Social Media Insights For Your Business?

SPEC INDIA’s easy-to-analyze Social Media Dashboard is the solution that your business requires. With it, you can leverage the power of structured data for better business decisions.

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Technologies & Tools

Power BI

Our Process


Our detailed and accurate research , analysis, and refinement leads to a comprehensive study that describes the requirements, functions, and roles in a transparent manner.


We have a team of creative design experts who are apt at producing sleek designs of the system components with modernized layouts.


Our programmers are well versed with latest programming languages, tools, and techniques to effectively interpret the analysis and design into code.


Quality is at the helm of our projects. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring superior excellence and assurance in all our solutions and services.


We have a well-defined, robust, and secure launch criteria that offers us a successful implementation clubbed with detailed testing, customer acceptance and satisfaction.

Business Benefits

Social media analytics dashboard/performance reports offer a wealth of information, helping the organization generate more leads and cultivate long-lasting client relationships

Power BI compresses data thereby reducing storage to less than 5% when compared with competing data visualization platforms

Enhanced insights of social media platforms to make optimal decisions in enhancing business and customer base

Strong decision-making to grow or focus on target customer groups and social media platforms that are beneficial to grow business

Reduces report load time and query time to a few minutes and seconds, respectively

Effective and well-optimized reports with rich graphical displays


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