CEO’s Message On 33rd Foundation Day

2020…A year of renunciation for all humans alike men, women, children, however, the irony being that the rest of the living had no renunciation, they were born free, living free. We, humans, got caged. A time for awakening, as we never learned to co-exist and have despised nature since the birth of “money”.

We, in India, just celebrated our “Festival of Lights” and “New Year”. We had a different kind of celebration this time. The focus was not on keeping our homes clean, preparing sweets, wearing the best outfit, shopping around, and bursting firecrackers. It was also not about going for a great vacation or getting a promotion or a raise.

It was all about surviving the current situation and thanking the Almighty for having us hale and hearty today. The focus was entirely on spending valued time with our near and dear ones, lighting diyas for all those Corona Warriors who have fought hard for their survival – some survived, some could not. It was all about bringing a smile on the face of those who have had a tough time in their businesses.

Amidst these challenging times and WFH, our Seniors and SPECtorious team have ensured a sense of belonging for our skilled taskforce at SPEC. They have time and again been sensitive to its teams to ensure that they are not alone in this time of the pandemic. I am proud of our SPEC teams as they have managed the pressures of WFH and ensured we have no client complaining till date of our commitment and service to them. Kudos Team SPEC. Our SPEC teams have projected unparalleled experience and expertise with a sense of – “we can”, in cutting-edge technological advancements like AI, Data Science, Machine Learning based data analytics, Predictive Analytics, on-demand applications to name a few, and all this executed, in spite of zero team contact and WFH.

Our productive implementation of contactless billing software solutions, inclusive ERP system, and software security solutions have added feathers to our cap. Our technical team gained proficiency in niche technologies like Chatbots, Microsoft Azure, Database services, Cloud-based services, data resiliency, BCDR integration, etc.

Yes, we certainly, do miss our fantastic foundation day festivities, which lasted a week and destined us to our spirit of fun, joy, and happiness of being together and working together.

Let us be humane and vow to co-exist and undo all unwarranted waste and pollution. Let there be fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, birds to chirp, living beings to thrive. 2021 is sincerely hoping that the world comes back to normal and we continue to appreciate being social, as before – with delight, happiness, festivities, get-togethers, and fun-filled events to co-exist with other life on the globe. SPEC sincerely wishes, 2021 be more about a better world, a hopeful world, a healthy world, and happiness and exuberance in all we do.

Blessings and best wishes for a New 2021…