The 4 C’s- COVID. Capitalism. Collapse. The Change-is Us!

For a world that is becoming a crony Capitalist’s paradise, this 21-day lockdown has seen a sea change in the lives of people. I think for the first time humans may have reconciled with their own self in this chaotic rat race of capitalism to accumulate or earn their capitalistic pride. For once, I think many of us, humans, may have understood the value of the one life we have and many would have understood their ‘real’ needs to potentially re-plan their next step in life.

On the other hand the Capitalistic Experts are predicting a black hole in Economies around the world (Capital) due to the Corona that would damage capitalism in its own right.

I am not an Economist or an Expert, but I do know that the world and our planet is rejuvenating. The Earth is breathing: flora and fauna are breathing, waterbodies are breathing – both a lifeline to all living beings. The other world without humans is having a ball and has no captivity to be afraid of for the time being. In fact, some of them are bold enough to visit the mall too or even the city shore. Ah, I am talking about the feathered, animal and sea world. Who would have imagined before the lockdown a possibility of seeing the planets or satellites with the naked eye, astonishing, isn’t it? Think, what we are doing to our own being? Self-annihilation.

For once, since the 21 days lock down, we humans are coping to live and co-exist. Isn’t it a thrilling new experience to life? With such enabling changes taking place across, just imagine breathing clean air, a glass of clean drinking water and unadulterated freshly made food, which alone would be a booster to the economy. Imagine the downstream cost reduction of the basic necessities of food and water and clean air due to reduction in the fictitious demand of capitalistic business gains. In effect, my view is the cost to our Earth and its pressure to feed its billions of inhabitants, would get calibrated. Affordability would be the course of the moment. Sure, we the few, will be depleted of the ‘colourful paper denominations’ which in today’s world supposedly determines success or failure in our quick-to-conclude societies.

A small personal observation – Recent days have seen my own small garden in the backyard rejuvenating with a host of chirping birds and the occasional bumble bee rumbling on the glass pane, the aroma of the morning dew, waking me up in the morning, much unlike the dust, pollution and honking vehicles.

If the world economies are to be believed, the paper money shall deplete the rich, the rich shall get “poorer” and the poor ‘penniless’. But the planet that we have relentlessly exploited is healing and in queue to be blatantly raped again by none other than us – “Humans”, in our quest to make good of the destitute state we think we have come to.

Our honourable Prime Minister, NaMo, as he is affectionately called has done the unthinkable and taken the lead to lock down 1.3 billion people to protect their life. Not batting an eyelid as to what it would do to the paper economy. Now, if the same so called experts who sit on fat salaries and consulting fees are to be believed, which I do not, as in line of the PM’s decision, India would have saved thousands in these 21 days just out of pure personal savings in the quest to earn a livelihood which ultimately was only to fill the coffers of the “few”. If we have to economize the numbers for these economists let me point wise list the key basic “saving” parameters for them.

Content And Happy Humans:

Their quest for “consumption” limited to their families. Economists, apply a factor of economic value please?

The downstream fall in demand would have a very positive outcome economically on the sustenance of the planet and more so for us humans:

  • Oil Exploration & Mining
  • Power
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • CO2 gas emissions
  • Farming – Demand for extra food, food wastage and adulteration, as good as controlled
  • Health Care Cost…would have dropped considerably and the commercial MedCare facilities would be breaking their heads against the wall.

Now considering that the world sees India as a 3rd world uncivilized country with limited facilities for their 1.3 billion, let me point out some stark lifesaving decisions the country has undertaken and implemented since independence. We may only be the first country in the world to have eradicated deadly diseases and viruses such as Small Pox, Cholera, Polio, ‎Elephantiasis, Tuberculosis, Malaria, etc. One thing that does clearly show off the “civilized” world in this time of the COVID Pandemic is the deep holed pockets they have in their systems and their inability to reorganize themselves to tackle a calamity, particularly a pandemic. They do not have enough medical facilities, medicines, manpower and so on. While India has shown to the world that we are on our feet and will remain on our feet because our leader desires so as he has not enslaved himself as a “paper” tiger. The only thing the civilized world did, as they call themselves, was to deploy as a measure in numbers whose zeroes most countries may not be able to fathom in the form of “Paper Denominations”, not to save lives but to hold on to their greed, power and control of mankind.

Have we seen any other living species being bogged down by the corona? They yet do their rituals undeterred by the Corona. Why? They know their wealth and we are encroaching on it every second. We are destroying our wealth, our Earth, which has been sustaining us for millions of years.

Unlike other world leaders, our PM went back to nature to seek its help. First and foremost, he got the country together as one secular nation. He then went stepwise – clap your hands – dissipate positive energy to fight the negative. Then he requested the lighting of lamps, again to create the energy to fight the negative. Which head of state has ever been able to garner such enthusiasm and generate such energy inspite of 90% of the Indian population not knowing what they would eat the same evening? Look at our PM, who unequivocally has resorted to nature, which has all the remedies that all living beings need. He has turned to simple affordable means for his subjects and is pressing people to practice Naturopathy and Ayurvedic remedies unlike the expensive MedCare facilities and medication. Kudos our dear PM.

The Bubonic Plague, World Wars I & II, The Spanish Flu, The Cold War and others between nations, the economic wars many countries have faced and come out winners, whereas India, which has witnessed foreign rule for the most time of its existence has been winning all the time. Yet, after centuries, since independence, a country that did not make a pin has reached the far corners of our galaxy and shouldering the so-called advanced countries of the world. In effect, we should yet have been at the mercy of the last rulers had it not been for the poise, courage and spiritual contentment of us, Indians. So how do these economists say that we will not win the ‘COVID War-3rd World War’ and that our country shall be left behind if the government does not give it a paper stimulus? Sure, we are and will face hardships for our livelihood, but for the price we will be paying for this unprecedented march towards safeguarding our crony capitalistic pride, is unimaginable.

Ask yourself a question – do we humans want to be ruled by the restless politicians and the “deep state” capitalistic monopolies? It is a point to ponder over the past 21 days… How come all diseases have disappeared and the world is only speaking or discussing COVID? The drug, the vaccines are all going to be controlled by these so-called messiahs of the “Deep State”.

We are a country that will bounce back and will need to reorient our thinking of gaining freebies from various quarters; will need to bear the brunt and responsibility for what we do. We, as India, will definitely come out the winner as we have a leader who is confident and has the courage to take on the calamity head-on. And also help the world in the process, to see the light of day…

Let us promote “Swadeshi” – Make in India. Let Us be the change we want to be & see! If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

Jai Hind!!

-Milind Shroff, CEO, SPEC INDIA