SPECtacularites Speak

Straight from our teams. We are what they say.

Darshit Pandya

“SPEC India is by far the best place to work!

Here are some reasons! First and foremost, the culture of the organization thrives on valuing consultants through recognition programs and regular incentives. Suggestions for changes are received openly and flexible working hours help too.

Appropriate opportunities keep me connected to the current techniques. Plenty of celebrations and lots of reasons to unwind is a nice thing.

The company has strong community presence and a good reputation in the community so I am proud to tell people I work here.”

Uday Dave

“I have gained skills and experience that I never imagined I could. In all these years of my association with SPEC India, I have been offered many valuable lessons in my career and opportunities to nurture my skills. Being a global software solutions company, I get chance to have one to one interactions with client and that’s really a great exposure. I am always motivated by all senior members.

Our work place is called SPEC HOUSE and that of course says it all! A home away from home! “

Imran Patwa

“When I had joined this company it was growing and I have grown along with it. The years that I have spent in SPEC India have been fruitful and I have improved a great deal as a professional. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement.

I truly appreciate all that I have learnt from my seniors and I am very proud to be a part of SPEC India.”

Krati Sharma

“SPEC India is the first organization that I am working for and I am just about to complete the foundation years of my career. What I enjoyed the most at SPEC INDIA is the process of transformation of ideas and the immense scope of learning.”

Arpit Zala

“In addition to the consultant friendly environment, personal support and the opportunities given; one thing I always feel is the importance given to every consultant here at SPEC India. Each one of us is valued greatly by the organization.

Work-Life balance, family friendly policies, always supportive, proactive & responsive culture is what SPEC India is all about.”

Ravindra Jain

“Joined SPEC India as a Trainee and completed more than a decade’s journey here and still a long way to go! I can surely say SPEC India is “An Organization cum Family ” SPEC India shows a sincere interest in consultant welfare and solutions to our problems. It gives opportunities to grow and improve. I have learnt my lessons of being a part of a competitive market.

SPEC India advances towards the 30th year of success and I am proud to be part of this journey.”

Khushali Shah

“SPEC India for me is more like a family than a company. The work experience I get, boosts me every day to do better. The colleagues and supervisors create the perfect environment for me to learn and grow. Fun along with work that is the culture we have here.

SPEC India values the work done and even gives us opportunities to improve and do better. The knowledge that is given polishes & grooms me for the corporate world through workshops for better corporate etiquettes, communication skills and even email writing skills. Its guiding values always ensures individual career growth while growing as a company.”

Ripal Patel

“I never in my life had imagined that I would become part of a professionally managed organization with so many flexibilities around. After I joined SPEC India, it was really an amazing feeling for me. One of the best things I would like to share is how SPEC India constantly pushes me to be the best that I possibly can be!

I feel confident with my work and job only because of SPEC “


“I have been with SPEC India for the last few years & this is easily the best company I have ever worked for. SPEC values consultants & does everything it takes to keep a culture with the feel of a family. There are plenty of opportunities for growth.

Moreover, flexible working hours, open atmosphere, a great work environment, excellent benefits and perks make it an amazing place to work.”

Shalini Sukumaran

“It’s been a great experience working with SPEC India. The work culture is absolutely fantastic with immense opportunities for growth. Teammates are very co-operative too.

The provision of flexible timings, makes the life of the consultants easy.Special trainings conducted in the organization, help the consultants, enhance their technical as well as soft skills.”