SPECtacularites Speak

Straight from our teams. We are what they say.

Jitendra Lokwani

“I started my career in SPEC India as a trainee and completed 17 years. It is indeed a long journey and I feel very proud and humbled to be a part of this organization.

SPEC INDIA provided me with plenty of opportunities, work-life balance, flexible hours, a transparent environment, perks, etc. I have grown so much in my role since starting here in terms of technical, functional, and managerial skills.

Employee recognition, festival celebration, and company picnic make it an amazing place to work.”

Niket Shah

“It’s been quite some time since I have been part of this organization, frankly more than all other organizations I worked with including one of the MNCs I worked with in my early days of career.

What makes this organization unique is their pay-structure inclusive of variable pay which most Ahmedabad based company doesn’t offer.

Further to it, work-life balance is quite well manageable across all the roles/experience.”

Imran Patwa

“When I had joined this company it was growing and I have grown along with it. The years that I have spent in SPEC India have been fruitful and I have improved a great deal as a professional. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement.

I truly appreciate all that I have learnt from my seniors and I am very proud to be a part of SPEC India.”

Sweety Shah

“It was an amazing 15-year journey with SPEC!! It is a moment to show my respect, love, and affection for SPEC.

It has been a great time for me working in an open environment with helping and friendly people.

Special thanks to Milind Shroff for the given opportunity and all my mentors for the experience, and guidance provided me during my tenure of SPEC Journey.”

Jay Dave

“SPEC INDIA has history to boast about and achievements to take pride in. It’s work environment and clients are the sparkling proof of the same. The company stands because of the Grit of Milind Sir to run an effective Business Hub.

I being a part of its half journey, give me an immense sense of satisfaction. It’s my privilege to work for a company that always inspires innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology.”

Mathew Mendonza

“Joined SPEC India 7 years ago and still a long way to go! I can surely say SPEC India is “An Organization cum Family” SPEC India shows a sincere interest in consultant welfare and solutions to our problems. It gives opportunities to grow and improve.”

Khushali Shah

“SPEC India for me is more like a family than a company. The work experience I get, boosts me every day to do better. The colleagues and supervisors create the perfect environment for me to learn and grow. Fun along with work that is the culture we have here.

SPEC India values the work done and even gives us opportunities to improve and do better. The knowledge that is given polishes & grooms me for the corporate world through workshops for better corporate etiquettes, communication skills and even email writing skills. Its guiding values always ensures individual career growth while growing as a company.”

Bhargav Jani

“It’s an incredible 1100+ days ongoing journey with SPEC!! It is the moment to show my respect, love, and affection for SPEC.

It has been a wonderful time for me to work in an open environment along with friendly people.

Even in times of epidemics like covid, the spec facilitated us very well.

Special thanks to Milind Shroff for the given opportunity and all my mentors for the experience, and guidance.”


“I have been with SPEC India for the last few years & this is easily the best company I have ever worked for. SPEC values consultants & does everything it takes to keep a culture with the feel of a family. There are plenty of opportunities for growth.

Moreover, flexible working hours, open atmosphere, a great work environment, excellent benefits and perks make it an amazing place to work.”

Shalini Sukumaran

“It’s been a great experience working with SPEC India. The work culture is absolutely fantastic with immense opportunities for growth. Teammates are very co-operative too.

The provision of flexible timings, makes the life of the consultants easy. Special trainings conducted in the organization, help the consultants, enhance their technical as well as soft skills.”