Project Overview

A quick, easy and reliable way to run multiple timers at once! With this app, you can set up a timer for different activities such as cooking, study, work out, meditation sessions and much more.

It can run at the same time, independently started and enables you to easily see the progress details. This app provides intuitive, clean, simple look and you can customize it by adding icon colors, name and sound. Customized Timer app is the perfect app to boost your productivity!


Life Style

  • App Store

Tools & Technologies


Top Features

Have a look at some key features of the app!

  • Unlimited timer creation
  • Clean design and elegant user-interface
  • One-tap functionality: one tap to start/stop
  • Different sound alerts to choose from
  • Run multiple timers at once
  • Get notifications about incomplete activities
  • Repeat timer options
  • Works in the background! Get notification even if you’re not using the app
  • Vibrates when the timer is stopped
  • View of currently running timers on Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time