Project Overview

A system for a leading law school in the USA whose students are reputed to clear the toughest of the competitive California Bar exams.

This Analytics & BI reporting solution helps keep track of faculty & student performances and constantly points to the missing gaps in achieving winning performances.



Tools & Technologies


Top Features

  • Analytics
    • Consolidated faculty performance analysis
    • Forecasts for California bar exam pass rates based on historical data
    • Estimated goals for students to meet the pass rates
    • School performance analysis for California bar exam with other schools
  • Course Management
    • School course catalog requirements analysis
    • Student enrollment details
  • Technical Implementation
    • Re-structures database design to meet the requirements for the specialized Analytics
    • Migration of data from MS Access & other 3rd party software into MS – SQL
    • Customizes jasper chart solution to have data point information
    • Enables complex sub-reporting, some reports running to 30 pages of comparisons
    • Facilitates report output in multiple sheets while exporting to excel