Project Overview

The business intelligence solution is developed for travel agency facilitating the customer for Airlines booking, Hotel Accommodation and Hire a Car service. With this solution, the company can give answers to the queries like ‘which are the most profitable airlines/hotel’, ‘which is the time when most customers are using our product’ etc and based on this, the company gains meaningful insights and real-time data.

The solution developed using the Pentaho community stack which analyzes the data and makes the data-driven decisions for the organizations which increases the work productivity


Travel & Hospitality

Tools & Technologies


Top Features

  • Analyzes data sources & the existing static reports to derive the key KPIs and KRAs
  • Consolidate data sources (Oracle 11g) into MySQL database with Star Schema approach
  • Deploy various complex ETL jobs and transformation to integrate the historical data and live data to generate near real-time analytics
  • Dashboards
    • Display specific dashboards based on access rights
    • View location wise data based on user rights
    • Drill down feature to view the detailed analysis
    • Dashboard Screens
      • Sales Analysis
      • Location Analysis
      • Hotel Analysis
      • Saving Analysis
      • Top Destination Analysis
      • Financial Analysis