Project Overview

FlickKey, a notepad application features a fast and efficient FlickKey keyboard for the iOS users. This app provides a unique experience to standard typing methods.

It involves six flick-able keys with 9 characters in each key. All you need to do is press a key and flick in the direction of a character to enter that character. This app can be used to type email, SMS text, or search directly from FlickKey.

It serves as a notepad application to create a message and then paste into other applications. This app supports standard paste functions and goes beyond than the standard mobile keyboard.


Industry Specific


Top Features

  • Accuracy on the small screens like smartwatches
  • Includes popup flick-able keys with whole words
  • Large, easy-to-use, and interactive keyboard
  • Speed up typing and texting on social networking and messaging platforms
  • Choose font and font-size to enjoy superior typing experience
  • One screen for the common punctuation characters
  • Easier accessibility of alphanumeric and numeric characters
  • Ad-free, faultless, and faster experience in typing
  • Enter common words exceptionally fast with the popup flick-able keys
  • Support any programs with standard paste function