Project Overview

This math game app is crafted for children and students aged 3-7 or in grades PK-2. It encourages learning in an engaging way covering 35 unique games and over 400 multiple choice questions.

This app presents challenging questions with increased difficulty as students go ahead in the game.

Download and play up to first 5 games for free, after that, you need to unlock the remaining 30 games using In-App purchase. This interactive game app will sharpen the knowledge and make learning a fun.




Top Features

  • Over 400 multiple choice questions and 35 unique games
  • How-To-Videos, parent & teachers guide
  • Various character elements for better engagement
  • Built-In assessments to proceed further
  • Score and time tracking
  • Questions are aligned to the Common Core State Standards
  • Track and save progress for an uninterrupted experience
  • Compare your results with other students
  • Print or share art creation with other friends