Project Overview

The OSCE-manager is an open source software which is specifically designed for one of the leading universities of Switzerland. This solution can be used by medical schools across the world to facilitate and manage OSCE – Objective Structured Clinical Examinations as per the medical examination standards.

With a sole aim to help organize exams, this web application covers all organizational aspects to conduct OSCE exams efficiently and effortlessly through the automation of processes.  The web solution provides a step-by-step explanation of modules with comprehensive user documentation.

Main Modules of the solution:

  • Academic Teacher
  • Simulated Patient
  • Cases
  • Stations


Tools & Technologies


Top Features

  • Automates and eases the process of conducting OSCE examinations
  • Coordinates examiners, students, and simulated patients (SP) in the respective rooms & stations
  • The system automatically generates a file containing data of hours consumed by each SP and calculates the amount payable
  • Easy accessibility to the database for simulated patients, examiners and role definitions to help organize exams
  • Categorization of roles for better management
  • Comprehensive administration and creation of the examination
  • Analysis and evaluation of results
  • Import-export functionality for examiners to use the data on iPads