This system is exclusively designed to maintain the production flow right from the raw material management to the final product efficiently. Taking care of customized requirements from customers and manufacturers, it tracks all the processes such as requirement analysis, communication, monitoring, internal collaboration, and feedbacks. This production management system incorporates the following set of business processes:

  • Take the order
  • Process the order
  • Issue the instruction
  • Manufacture the product
  • Customer feedback requirement analysis
  • Shipping management

Industry Specific

Tools & Technologies

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Top Features

  • Customized screens as per requirement
  • Import and export management
  • Order management and Production Planning
  • Production cycle tracking
  • Document generation related to export, import, and excise
  • Efficient and faster invoice generation
  • Prepare reports to view available stock at the foundry
  • Prepare reports to view closed order and pending order status report
  • Eliminate entry duplication resulting in less manual efforts
  • Betters sales management
  • Manage domestic and overseas customer