Project Overview

There are 2 components of the project; a web application & a mobile application. The web application would help the organization to set up employees, branches, shifts, projects, and tasks. From mobile, the user can sign-in if he is in a branch location. The manager can assign project and tasks to the user. A user can start working on the task, pause/resume tasks from the mobile app. Manager/employee can comment on the task.

Additionally, the User can apply for leave, off-duty hours, absence requests as well. A user can receive notifications on assigning tasks, applying leaves and so on. A user can manage past notifications from the notification section.


Industry Specific

Tools & Technologies


Top Features

  • Admin
    • Create Company
    • Register Account Admin
    • Create Employee
    • Create Branch
    • Create Shift
    • Assign Branch & Shift to employee
  • Manager
    • Create and assign a task to the employee
    • Approve or reject leaves
  • Employee
    • Change status of the task
    • Sign-in from assigned branch
    • Apply for leave
  • Employee auto sign out if goes out of branch or shift ends