Project Overview

Having difficulties in meeting hydration goals? Here’s the simple solution. WaterMinder is an intuitive and useful water reminder app (app that reminds you to drink water) to track your water intake throughout the day. You can view your hydration balance progress, calculate your water goal based on your body weight, and get yourself motivated through reminders to drink water.

We can’t ignore the importance of water to stay fit and healthy! Whether you are an athlete, sportsperson, or simply a professional who works in the office, this app helps to balance water intake in your body. Let this useful hydration app help you keep your body well hydrated!


Health & Wellness

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Tools & Technologies


Top Features Of The Water Intake App

  • Easy-to-use and clean interface
  • Create unlimited custom reminders
  • Calculator for daily water intake
  • Customize your icons, cups, colors, icons, and size
  • Pre-defined cups for quick and effective tracking
  • Earn achievements/award by keeping your body hydrated
  • History and graphs for better visual representation
  • Widget for quick water tracking
  • Select any of these units of measure: Ounces (US, UK), ML
  • A free guide to drinking water and staying hydrated
  • Share your progress and achievements over social platforms (Facebook, Twitter)