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Project Overview

The project is about developing a business intelligence and analytics application for a leading logistics software technology company dedicated to solving the most challenging last-mile problems in global logistics. They offer a real-world ready dispatch management platform for last-mile excellence.

It helps enterprises transform their logistics operations into growth centers through advanced optimization algorithms and intuitive workflow automation that equip businesses with the tools to maximize efficiency while delighting customers.

They were keen to design and develop a business intelligence solution with custom dashboards and reports for monitoring different parameters like revenue, billing clients, expense analysis etc. that can help them take accurate business decisions.

The client was finding it difficult to come up with a set of reports and dashboards that were created from multiple data sources. It was difficult to offer navigations based on current users with proper restrictions for first-time users. They had manual data in Excel sheets that was to be replicated and automated in Tableau.

SPEC INDIA understood the requirements and recognized the challenges faced by the client. We offered an end-to-end business intelligence solution with the best of Tableau visualizations to attend to different activities.

Key Components

  • Revenue, expense, and client analysis and monitoring
  • Monitoring billing of clients
  • Target Vs Actual achieved
  • Expense analysis
  • Sale amount through Cohort analysis, quarter-wise, year wise
  • Data privacy and security
  • Table Calculations for custom logic

Core Features

We implemented logic to show navigations based on current users only for maintaining data privacy. We used Tableau functionality called data blending to connect & combine data from multiple data sources. We implemented custom logic using Table Calculations of Tableau to achieve the visualization desired by the client.

Key Inclusions

Budget Vs YTD, category-wise, type wise

Performance Marketing ROI

MoM Breakup

Pipeline report analysis

Tech 10x4 analysis

Trailing ARR

Monthly comparison of total amount based on groups, subgroups


Technologies And Platform We Use

Tableau Online

Business Benefits

Our solution enabled the business to achieve the following benefits:

Easy monthly monitoring of revenue, expense, and clients

Expense distribution can be managed, calculated, and monitored effortlessly

Check the sale amount and number of billing clients using Cohort analysis

Monitor how many opportunities are been lost, won or are in pipeline

Optimal performance of dashboards with complex visualization

User specific, effective, and well-optimized visualization and dashboards

Enriched graphical user interface (GUI)

Determine how much business has been achieved so far as compared to the decided targets


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